Sunday, July 27, 2014

Are You Stuck?

Attending an International Enneagram AssociationConference this weekend. July 25-27
Watching how we all are expanding in our consciousness to see more of our Essence.
Noticing how each one of us will become more accepting and tolerant as we open.

I love letting go and learning more.
I am open and willing to be all I can be.
I am unlimited in Power and in Peace.
I am a gift in fully be Present.

Are You Stuck?

Are you solely focused on being?
Are you consumed with doing?
Are you guided by relating?
Do you get lost in knowing?

When life is not balanced, we may get stuck.
When we see ourselves with one lens, we may feel limited.
When we only allow like-minded relating, we may be avoiding.
When we are consumed by our right ways, we may be intolerant.

Are you looking for who you really are?
Do you seek to find your essence and your truth?
Do you long to live authentically?
Are you willing to let go of what others want you to be?

Are you always doing what matters most?
Do you seek to get it all done quickly?
Do you judge others who are not working?
Are you willing to feel and express your need to rest?

Are you constantly communicating your need for connection?
Does your day get filled with texting, talking, emailing and relating to others.
Are you addicting to getting or giving opinions and advice, gossip and judgment?
Do you take the time to connect with your own thoughts and feelings?

Are you caught in acquiring always more information and understanding?
Do you spend time inquiring and analyzing , consumed with the need to know?
Do you judge others as ignorant and lacking in knowledge and wisdom?
Are you willing to take a moment to breathe and be, relate and feel, do something good for others?

While this is not nearly a complete experience of balanced living, it is a reminder.
There is more to life than any narrow comfortable way we think and feel and act.
There are views we hold of what our life “should” be and we often deny the whole living.

Within every family, job and relationship, we may find our limits and stuckness.
When we seek to step out of our comfort zone, we often find new life energy.
When we allow ourselves to learn another way of being, we expand our awareness.
When we let go and allow, we can claim more or ourselves than we may have known.

Loving you in all the ways we are,

Betty Lue