Monday, June 02, 2014

You Are Doing Your Best!

I do my best everyday in every way.
I need not compare with others: I value myself.
I am a gift with my Presence alone.
I am true to myself in what I think and say and do.

Everyone is doing the best they know!
They would be doing better if they knew better.
Life is a potpourri with lots to learn and lots to choose.
When we get stuck, we do the same thing over and over.

If we knew better we would do better.
When we are stuck in judgment of what is right and wrong, we cannot learn a new song.
When we are attached to what we have learned to be true, we may not hear what is right for you.
When we are defending our righteous choice, we may not notice others’ opposing voice.

Life offers judgments and comparisons.
Life gives us ways of measuring and evaluating.
Life shows us how always to improve and use what we have.
Life constantly asks us to make changes, learn more, do it better.

When I am uncertain about myself and my ethics, I may be questioned.
When I am confused about what is selfish or of service, I may be doubted.
When I am overwhelmed with the pressures of constant scrutiny, I may be stressed.
When I am certain and confident in the choices I make, I will be confident and at peace.

Testing is one way of self inventory to help us recognize where we are.
Being awake and aware is a way of inviting us to flow with this moment now.
Being bumped by the world and its doubts and distrust is a way of discerning what is our best.
Taking the high road is a way of learning and letting go of what is not helpful and beneficial.

I would remind myself and you, my friend, that each one of us is doing our best.
Considering the circumstances, our state of mind, what we desire, we are each doing the best we know.
When we trust in the basic desire of all humans to survive and feel safe, each uses the tools available.
When we recognize the need to belong and be loved, to achieve and leave a legacy, we do our best.

Everyone has similar basic instinctual desires with totally different experiences and backgrounds.
Each one has unique coping mechanisms and strategies, values and habits, beliefs and paths.
We all use what we have to do what we believe we need to do to get our needs met.
We must trust ourselves and others to freely choose what seems to work for us.

When we trust and free ourselves, we will trust and free others.
When we doubt and restrict ourselves, we tend to doubt and limit others.
When we believe in our right to find happiness our own way, we support others to do the same.
When we make up we know what is best for all, we tend to make others do what we want them to do.

These loving reminders are a gift to myself and hopefully a gift to you, from time to time.
My way may not be your way, and I trust you to choose without making anyone wrong.
When we are going the same direction in life, we can hold hands and share.
When we are going different ways, we can release and bless one another’s journey.

May this and all I share be helpful to you in clarifying what is true for you.
Blessings are found as I trust and free you and me to find our own way to follow.

Love always Love, 
Betty Lue