Monday, June 23, 2014

Light, Light, More Light!

Summer Solstice is the time of the longest days and the greatest Light.
When there is more light, we may see more of our dark stuff.
When we see and judge the shadow, we may feel stuck, scared or depressed.
Whenever we have not forgiven and learned, erased the past with love, we may feel stuck.

Call in more light.
Call for more light in your mind.
Call for more delight in your perceptions.
Call for more light in your thoughts, words and behavior.

Many people seem to wallow in the darkness.
Often they even add to their pain.
They may become paralyzed or immobilized by what they believe.
These are times to get moving and do what works for you.

Consider taking time to turn up the awareness and heal what you see.
Take time to reveal what is troubling or hurting and then address it with compassion.
Give yourself the opportunity to see what is and let it go with your blessing.
What was, no longer is, until we reinstate it in our mind and body.

When we judge, we stop the flow and won’t let go.
When we fear, we close our minds and contract our bodies.
When we condemn, we damn our feelings and hold resentment and regret.
When we despair, we turn down the light and don’t see right or what can be.

Some find comfort in the dark.
Some seek seclusion in despair.
Some like chaos for its distraction.
Some just wait for the dawn.

Fixations are thoughts that get stuck in our mind.
To clear the fixations, shine a light on the middle of your forehead for a few moments.
Stand facing the sun or a lamp or imagine the light in your mind as you close your eyes.
When you see the Light within, the rest is erased in the light in which you see.

Imagine light in your mind.
Imagine light shining before you on your path.
Imagine light clearing the obstacles of fear and depression.
Imagine Light shining forth from your body, your mind and your heart.

When you begin to see the light within, you will see the light around you.
When you are willing to see the Light in your, you will see the light in others.
When you experience the delight in your Light, you will remember your inner Joy.
When you remember the way to be happy, you will choose happiness above all things.

Be willing to enlighten your mind
Be willing to enlighten your life.
Be willing to share your enlightenment with your world.
You will be changed in your choice to be enlightened.

Loving your Light, 
Betty Lue

Unity Prayer with a little translation for all beliefs!
The Light of Good surrounds me.
The Love of Good enfolds me.
The power of Good directs me.

Wherever I Am, there is always sufficiency of Goodness for All.