Thursday, June 05, 2014

Everything I Do, I Do For Love!

I choose to live and give in Love.
I choose to be whole and happy and free.
I choose to see always the Goodness within us all.
I choose to trust everything works together for Good.
Long before I was born, I knew (asked and heard), this world needs Love.
I chose to come and bring more Love into our world.
I volunteered to come to be here now.
I committed to offer only Love to humanity and this world, as we know it to be.

I would imagine you volunteered, too.
Somehow, someway you know this is true.
The question is, Why have you come?
What is your purpose here and why do you do what you do?

What if you came and forgot your purpose for coming?
What if you are lost and confused in forgetfulness?
What if you do not remember your reason for being?
What if you do not know what you are seeing?

Now is the time for us all to awaken and trust.
Now is our moment to remember when we are lost.
We can forgive our sleeping and unconsciousness.
We can awaken and choose again for what is true.

You are Love.
So I came for You.
I am Love.
So I came for Me.

We are Love.
We came to set us free to see and be the Love We Are.
We came for all humanity.
We came to wakeup and remember, to awaken and remind.

You came to heal and awaken your parents.
You came to heal and forgive the past.
You came to heal and awaken our ancestors.
You came to make true Love last.

We came to remind each other.
We came to love us all.
We came to be sisters and brothers.
We came to forgive our fall from grace.

This is our time to awaken.
This is our time to ascend in grace.
This is our time to appreciate each other,
This is our time to know Love’s Face.

It takes only this instant, right now.
It takes relinquishing all attack.
It takes our willingness to trust one another.
It takes the openness to the Good beneath it all.

Now is our time.
Let us wake up right now.
Forgive the past.
See beneath the apparency.

Loving you and loving me waking up in Love,

Betty Lue