Sunday, June 08, 2014

Bail Out or Buy In?

I say YES to life.
I say YES to Love.
I say YES to Freedom.
I say YES to Happiness.
Say YES to “whatever your another asks unless it does harm to him or to you.”
When we are afraid, we often withhold, step away and say NO.
When we Trust, we often give easily, respond to and say YES.
What can we do to say “YES” to all so that no one loses?

Life has two major options.
We can step away and say NO.
We can reach out and say YES.
Life invites us to choose what is best.

When there is potential harm, it is valuable to step away.
When there is potential benefit, it is valuable to move closer.
When there is uncertainty, it calls us to learn more.
When there is true clarity, it invites us to Buy In.

We are here to learn to discern and to choose.
When we have made a mistake, we are to learn and choose again.
When we have created well, we are encouraged to learn and choose well.
When we trust our choices, we can choose quickly and easily.

To bail out of a job, marriage, investment often comes, when it seems to not work.
To buy into a job, marriage or investment comes from what we speculate will work.
When our hunches don’t pay off, we can quit or learn and choose again.
When we think our choices are not working, we can quit and walk away or ask to learn.

Everything in life is for learning.
When we are attached to our choices, we get stuck with out attachments.
When we defend our choices, we become stubborn and close to learning.
When we judge our choices, we may feel like a failure when they don’t work.

If you are going to be wherever you are, give it 100% Buy In.
If you are choosing to do what you are doing, give it 100% in effort.
If you are willing to have the life you have, enjoy it 100%.
Whatever you be, do and have is as valuable as your investment.

If who you are being does not please you, STOP!
If what you are doing is not working, stop doing it.
If what you have does not bring you happiness, let it go.
It may be time to bail out and choose again for a new investment in what to be, do and have.

You give and receive value to the degree you BUY IN or invest.
You lose value to the degree you dismiss, ignore, diminish or bail out of your investment.
What you don’t choose is a choice.
What you neglect after choosing is a choice.

Every choice makes the difference in your experience.
Choose wisely and well.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue