Friday, May 23, 2014

Where To Begin Anything?

I build from a solid foundation.
I stand my ground on what is Real and Lasting.
I live the Truth I know and value.
Life works when I listen within.

Build from the ground up.
Start from inside out.
What ever you want to change, start with yourself.
Whatever you want to create, begin with the basics.

Folks often want to change everything at once.
When we just being everywhere, we create a mess.
When people have a mess, they often get overwhelmed.
With overwhelm comes judgment and fear, stuckness and quitting.

When you want to make a change, begin by changing yourself.
“Be the Change you want to see”, means I begin with Me!
When you want better relationships, become better in all your relationships.
Stop arguing, criticizing, complaining, demanding and threatening.

What is most obvious is often ignored, because people want someone else to be responsible.
We may neglect to totally flush the toilet and call the plumber to fix what is ours to do.
Make sure you do your part to make the change you want to see.
Take impeccable care of doing everything you can do to create the Good you want to have.

Consider making a clear list of what you want to change.
Make sure your own life is in order first, starting with your bills, closets, nutrition and family.
For your business to thrive, make sure your own finances, home, health and relationships are good.
For you to experience the best, work on being your best 24/7 with no exceptions.

Starting from the ground up means to get real and practical.
We all have dreams and visions of a better world, better family and better work.
To fulfill you dreams, stop avoiding what is right where you are.
Make sure you are creating your better ways right now.

There is no exceptions to using the time and place and people you have in your life now.
When you cannot give your best at all times with all people, you need to work on yourself.
To begin where you are creates the solid foundation on which to build your future.
To start with where you are, means make every action be the best you have.

Stop avoiding the REAL work.
Stop running away from REAL responsibility.
Stop explaining and justifying with a list of complaints.
Start making what you have good enough for you.

When you can honestly deal well with what you have and where you are, you are ready for more.
When you take care of your difficult circumstance and people, you can choose again for more.
When we are not distracted, depressed and disappointed by what is, you can see clearly what can be.
Begin to make your own foundation strong and true, so you can build on what you know and feel.

Life learning to make Good from whatever we have.
We have chosen to be where we are to practice for where we are going.
Drive well in a parking lot and you will be ready for the roads.
Respect and cooperate with those you live with and you will know how to thrive in business.

Use common sense by learning respect, responsibility and cooperation right here and now.
Live your life as if everything matters……because it does matter…..because You matter!
Loving us as we learn,

Betty Lue