Sunday, May 11, 2014

Where Is Your Mother?

I let go and allow my Love to show.
I live in gratitude and Goodness grows in my life.
I free my Self to see the Good in all things.
I love and bless the healing and holy Mother in me and thee.

She may be the one you were born to as her child.
She may be the father or grandmother who was your true Mom.
She may be someone else’s blood mother who loved you as her own.
She may be the Divine Mother who lives within You as comforter.

The Source of Nurturing and Nourishing is Our True Mother.
Where we find the Love we need, the comfort we need, we know our Mother.
When we feel the nourishment, the inspiration and wisdom we need, we have the Mother.
Take time to appreciate and respect the Source of Mothering you know for You.

Some have mothers who are with them briefly or inconsistently or belligerently.
Many have never know the comfort, gentleness and kindness of a Mother.
Some may only know the powerful protection and consistent provision of a Father.
Some may be come into a world with neglect, ignorance and lack of both.

How we choose to experience our lives determines what we learn and feel and know.
How we respond to what is given is our choice to remember what blesses or depreciates ourselves.
We can forgive the past errors in our lives and choose to learn to give ourselves the best.
We can resent the past mistakes with our parents and live in hate, disgust and dis-ease with it all.

Life is an opportunity to choose our way to create each day.
Life is our choice to love or hate, forgive or resent, bless or regret.
Life is the place we come to recreate our Loving Mother, our Divine Mother.
Life is the way we learn and earn our wings, the way we come to know how to grow.

When I choose to love the ones who loved me, I can see the many ways of Love.
When I appreciate the messengers of Love, I come to realize each one does the best they can.
When I step aside without pride of thinking I know what is right, I can see each does what they are able.
All are healing and revealing what they want to be, when they feel safe and free to Love.

My Mother lives within me.
My Father sets me free to honor all Mothers.
My Grand Mothers show me the way to Love each day, no matter what.
My Grand Fathers grant me the wisdom and courage to reach out to all with the Love I AM.

Yes, Mother Earth, is here for me to see how best to Love all humanity.
I realize here bounty and beauty, equally given and shared with one and all.
She nurtures those who listen and go where she guides us to nurture and nourish all her children.
We are blessed when we allow ourselves to receive what the Mother provides.

The wisdom and nurturing within bring us safety, peace and Higher Truth.
When we give what we receive, we receive even more to give.
When we trust what we are entrusted to share, we are given a sacred Trust.
When we allow everyone to see it is not just for some but for humanity, we know the bounty now.

This is our time to honor you, Divine Mother, in human form, in the living Earth and the Love within.
Love Your Mother!

Blessings abound, 
Betty Lue