Friday, May 16, 2014

What Is Mine to Do?

Affirmations for YOU!:
I love to do what had heart and meaning.
I give my all to bring happiness and wholeness for all.
I am here to be truly helpful with respect and wisdom.
I treat myself with impeccable care, gratitude and love every day.

What Is Mine to Do?
What is YOURS to Do?

I am here to do what is highest and best for me and you.
I am here to be truly helpful without interfering in your living and learning.
I am here to do what inspires teaches and heals with the best I know.
I am here to do what is truly mine to do.

When I first began my life, I was an innocent and willing giver to everyone.
I learned that I wanted to make sure everyone had what I had.
I wanted to believe everyone hurt the way I would hurt if I were in their place.
It took many years of giving to recognize most folks have what they unconsciously want to have.

Trying to fix what others want broken is frustrating work.
Giving to others what they often throw away or devalue feels wasteful to me.
Showing others with words or demonstration is meaningless to those who choose to not see.
Inviting people to a party, when they want to be alone is silly futility.

Perhaps, you could say, I learned it was arrogant on my part to think you want what I have.
Perhaps it is pushy to try to teach what you may not want to learn.
Perhaps it is hurtful to show you what you already could be doing yourself.
Perhaps it is unkind to remind you of what you know you could have, if you chose differently.

“It’s the human touch that counts.
The touch of your hand and mine.
That means far more to the fainting heart,
Than bread or cheese or wine.”

I memorized this little verse and used it in a Sunday Youth Sermon when I was about 15 yrs. old.
It stays with me today, when I remember, I am here to be present, whenever you want to be with me.
I realize I am to be ready for you as my ‘always welcome’ guest. and so I choose to be.
I have chosen to be willing to be truly helpful, when you come to reclaim responsibility for your life.

I offer all I have that you might have what you want as well.
Sometimes what you may want are lessons, the school of hard knocks?
Sometimes what you may want is to have a brief tutorial and then try it out in private.
Sometimes you may choose to simply go away and wait for another day or way or until you are ready.

Your life is your grand laboratory.
Your life is the stage on which you choose to play.
Your life is free for you to be here or more there.
Your life is your sphere of creativity and influence.

My life is the place for which I take responsibility.
When and where I see myself, I listen for what is mine to do.
I respond with love, trust and freedom, willing to offer what is mine to give.
I live with gratitude for the unfolding of all goodness and mercy for one and all.

May I always be open and willing to do what is mine to do in loving YOU!

Betty Lue