Tuesday, May 06, 2014


I am here to be Love and Kind and Helpful.
I remember to share Love, only Love.
I learn and teach how to care for each one I encounter.
Everyday I celebrate the Goodness I share with others.

What do you want to remember?
Why not remember the Good?
How about listening to the Truth?
We can begin by seeing the Good within ourselves.

I care about YOU!
You care about me.
We all care…..
Even when we forget.

Is it possible that even when we have forgotten with our conscious mind, our heart remembers?
Is it possible that you and I are always loving from inside, even when the outer experience is opposite?
Is it probable that Love created us as love, in order to give Love and be Love and live Love?
Is it Our Truth to be the Love We Are, no matter what we may think or believe?

The Heart knows how Love flows.
Our Essence is here to give and receive Love.
The Spirit or God Force within is here to remember.
Our human work is to get out of the way to allow only Love to flow through us.

Imagine our Life Force is Love itself.
Imagine when we are alive, we are sharing the Life force.
Imagine when we fully and freely Live, we are sharing the Love of Life within us.
This is our Light and our Life and the Love we share with All That Is.

Some call this God.
Some call it Prana, Chi, Spirit, the Light Within, Great Mystery, Higher Power or Creator.
The “Name” is an attempt to define the indefinable and to know what is beyond knowing.
We are each a piece of the Greater Whole, the One that is beyond what can be known.

When we remember we are here to remember, we simply are in awe.
When we are willing to remember, we open to discover and enjoy.
When we are open to see the expression of this unlimited Power, we know Joy.
When we trust we receive and be a piece of all this, we experience Great Peace.

We dare to care, so we can to feel and know this bountiful Grace.
We come alive in our calling when we recognize we are called to this place.
We offer our own Peace that passes understanding, when we share all we have.
Our life lights up with a natural innocent love that gives hope and faith and kindness.

Let us remember the Good within us.
Let us remember the Love and call for Love in each Being.
Let us remember the Bountiful Mother with Gratitude and Reverence.
Let us remember we are here for a Holy and healing Purpose to Be and Share and Contribute.

This is our work, our play and our Life.
I truly “greatful” to you for being my faithful Partner in remembering!!

Betty Lue