Saturday, May 10, 2014

Personal Responsibility

I am true to myself.
I trust my inner guidance and follow what has heart and meaning.
I live life the best I know.
I give my very best wisdom and love to all I encounter.
You are too important for me to ask someone else to respond to you.
Your request is honored too much to wish another could respond to you.
Your intention is too valued to expect someone one else to take my place.
I take personal responsibility for what I give and how I live.

When I think of you, I hold you in high esteem.
When I give to you, I want you to receive the best I have to give.
When I answer your call or email, I prefer to respect your request specifically.
You are not just a customer, client, inquirer or stranger, you are calling to be connected.

I realize there are many who want attention.
Why not everyone deserves my attention?
I recognize life offers many ways to share.
Why not share with each one with the care I have for All?

Is there enough real caring?
Is there anyone really sharing?
Have we become so clinical or commercial, big and busy that we forget?
You deserve the most inspiring, meaningful, loving interaction I have within me to give.

My loving intention and reminders are not just for some, but for everyone.
You are on my radar and in my heart.
I see You. I know You. I love You.
You live in me as I live in you.

When we do not recognize our unity in Love, we can not feel our humanity in Truth.
When we neglect to recognize how important we are, we ignore our own value and worth.
When we keep ourselves separate in thoughts and works, we forget we belong together.
When we separate in fear and busyness, we miss the reunion of our helpfulness and kindness.

So here I AM. And here We Are.
Sharing with the rich and poor, the enlightened and unconscious, the masters and initiates.
I share because I care.
I give and receive whatever is here for me to be and give and receive and share.

It is our responsibility to be able and willing to respond.
It is my response ability that keeps me here and connected.
It is my ability to respond that allows me to teach and touch.
It is my willingness to respond to everyone who calls, emails or connects spiritually.

I love and trust you.
I accept and allow us all to be who we are, where we are, as we are.
I need not change you, but rather allow you to learn in your own timing and your own way.
I give my life to Love and Love returns to me.

And so it is, I am free to be All I AM.

Betty Lue