Friday, May 09, 2014

Is It Enough?

My life is forgiving.
I am the Gift.
I give all to have All I give.
I live the Truth I know and the Gifts I give.

Is It Enough?

Am I doing my part?
Am I giving enough?
Am I living my Truth?
Am I filling the need?

I am a giver.
I am a believer.
I am a reminder.
My life is for Giving.

I write daily Loving Reminders every morning since January 1999 (plus 5 books and more.)
We give our workshops, books, classes, time and energy, freely with joy, to everyone who asks.
I send these loving reminders to thousands of folks and beyond for the last 15 years.
I answer daily phone calls and all emails personally.
I respond to the needs of all who ask with positive prayer, emails, phone and skype personally.
I facilitate with counseling and coaching hundreds of clients in my three centers.
I email weekly communication for all three Centers to over 900 folks who rely on their services.
I support and mentor 45 holistic practitioners/volunteers in the centers with trust and freedom.
I administer, coordinate and calendar three centers (soon to be four centers) in 4 locations.
I am present with those who come with the best I have to offer the highest Truths I know.
I handle the calendars and logistical use and maintenance of 3 centers and our Unity Church.
We co-minister the Unity Center for Inspired Living Sunday services, church programs and events.
With delight,  our Unity church now provides a spiritual home for three other faith communities.
We will open a Youth and Family Center in Middletown this summer after remodeling.
We continue to expand, encourage and enjoy with Joy and Grace, Inspiration and Trust.

 We have no paid staff or administrators, because we take personal responsibility for it all.
All things change moment to moment, so our response must be authentic, inspired and individualized.
Guided by Inspiration and practical wisdom, we are here to clear fear and respond with Love.
With no sacrifice we give without loss and share without doubt and stay because it is Good for All.

When there are questions, as above, it is a wakeup call or reminders to be without attachment.
We balance our lives with personal respectful relationships and natural easy play and re-creation.
We enjoy the fruits of our organic garden and the beautiful canvas of ever changing creations.
Together we include the families of our ancestry and the families of Spirit and community equally.

Our children, grandchildren and the innocence of all humanity is loved and cherished in our work.
We respond to each and every call with the gratitude and grace and “YES”ness we have in the moment.
We know this is our humanitarian healing, Holy and True work: to give our Best and forgive the rest.
Our daily life is blessed with Beauty and Goodness, Wholeness, Laughter and Love.

So how is it I ask, “Is this enough?”
Each one of us is called to contribute our part.
When some leave their part in fear and neglect, others step forward to fill in.
Let us ask ourselves how to we begin to include us all in the community of Humanity!!!

Loving you and me and WE.
We the people are the ONE

Loving us all,
Betty Lue

I dedicate this Loving Reminder and my creative consciousness to all those who dedicate their lives to humanity.
I give my creativity, my positive prayer, my inspired vision to all those who seek to service the Highest Good.
I share my wisdom and inner guidance with you who choose no boundaries on loving one and all.
I trust in the Goodness, Wisdom and Love Within Us to lead the way and save the day.

I am loving you.
This is Reunion!

The Gift You Are
You are the gift.

In your healing, I am healed.

In your smiling, I find joy.

In your learning, I am filled with wisdom.

In your free expressions, I am empowered.

In your abundance, I too prosper.

In your spontaneity, I am set free.

In your joy, I know heaven.

And so it is that you give your Self to me
And I receive you with love and gratitude.

I am the gift I give to You
And I fully receive the gift I freely give.

As I know You, I know my Self.
As I give to you, I receive all good.

As I support you, I am supported by the Universe.

As I honor and respect you, I experience gratitude in all my being.

As I love you, I am loving all of God's creation.

I know you and believe in you.
I honor, respect and support you in being.

In you and me is all the Universe.

We are gifts to one another.

- Betty Lue  (1983)