Saturday, May 31, 2014

How To Succeed

Affirmations:  These are written for you to practice everyday,
With focus and intention, I easily succeed.
I appreciate every win for myself and others.
I celebrate my life with never-ending improvement.
I love to succeed for the Good of All.

Get Real.
Focus on Your Goals.
Practice Good Habits.
Work Smart.
Never Slack or Quit.
Have Alternative Plans.
Reward Yourself with Praise.

Take an honest look at where you are.
Don’t deceive yourself with wishing for heroes or miracles.
Acknowledge and forgive all your mistakes and learn from them.
Choose to be, do and have what is true for you.

Focus on your Real Goals.
Want what you want for yourself.
Re-evaluate your goals to see if they still are yours.
Make sure you believe you can achieve what you want.

Practice good habits mentally, physically and spiritually.
Use your mind in positive and creative ways everyday.
Keep yourself healthy with good eating and sleeping habits.
Be motivated with inspirational people, books and media.

Work Smart.
Stop efforting against resistance, negativity and complaining.
Think about how creatively you can use your time, money and energy.
Expend your energy in positive and effective ways.

Never slack or quit.
Getting lazy is a poor man’s excuse.
Just do what is yours to do and follow through to completion.
Those who are persist, always succeed.

Have alternative backup plans.
Life circumstances may change, so be prepared.
Give yourself options and creative ways to success.
Given the situation, be willing to find the most efficient path.

Reward Your Self with Praise.
Give yourself what you really want to keep on going.
You know what you need to motivate and inspire you.
Be willing to Love and support, trust and appreciate you well.

Wanting only the Highest and Best for You in All Things True for You.

Betty Lue