Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Consciousness: Stay Awake and Aware

I am alive, alert and enthusiastic.
I use my thoughts, words and deeds for Goodness Sake.
I create Goodness, Wholeness and Beauty with everything I Am and do.
My mind works for me with consciousness and love.
I trust my choices and free myself to create the Highest Good.

Your thoughts create.
Your words teach everyone everywhere.
Your actions speak more loudly than your words.
The Universe is listening to you all the time.

The power of your thoughts and words and behavior is more than you can imagine.
When you think, speak or act with love, peace and joy, everyone it blessed.
Your choices make a mighty difference in your world.
It is not time to wake up and choose for what you want.

People play ignorant and dumb.
People speak negative and angry.
People act mean and punitive.
People think ugly, crazy hurtful thoughts.

We are the people.
One forgiving and loving thought can erase all the others.
Choosing again for what you want makes all the difference.
You can be the One Who changes your world.

When we are awake, we can see what is right and good.
When we are aware, we can forgive and choose again.
When we are alive, we can make the changes needed.
When we are alert, we can step up, speak up and act with integrity.

Become more conscious with forgiveness.
Become more conscious with impeccable self care.
Become more conscious within your relationships.
Become more conscious with your home and work.

Take time everyday to be quiet.
Take time everyday to be loving.
Take time everyday to extend peace.
Take time everyday to express gratitude.

Mindfulness is paying attention.
Mindfulness is letting go.
Mindfulness is forgiving.
Mindfulness is being conscious,

Consciousness clears fear and wrong action.
Consciousness undoes pain and suffering.
Consciousness awakens humanity.
Consciousness is our gift of wisdom and blessings.

May we all open the way to being more conscious every day.
Betty Lue

By Dr. David Hawkins
To become more conscious is the greatest gift anyone can give to the world.  Any individual increase raises the consciousness of everyone on the planet to some degree. 

One individual at level  700    counterbalances    70 million individuals below level  200   
One individual at level  600    counterbalances    10 million individuals below level 200   
One individual at level  500    counterbalances    750,000 individuals below level 200   
One individual at level  400    counterbalances    400,000 individuals below level 200   
One individual at level  300    counterbalances    90,000 individuals below level 200   
Twelve individuals at level  700    equal    one avatar at 1,000  



The energy of a loving thought is enormously more powerful than that of a negative one.