Sunday, May 18, 2014

Are You There For Those You Love?

I connect with those around me with kindness and respect.
I honor my gentleness and the way I nurture others.
I treat others with the best I have within myself.
I love loving!
Are you there for your children?
Are you there for your spouse?
Are you there for your parents?
Are you there for yourself?

When we are not there for ourselves, we cannot honestly be present for our children.
When we do not know how to soothe ourselves, how can we help others soothe themselves?
When we do not support ourselves, we cannot know how to support others.
When we do not love, trust and respect ourselves, we cannot really love, trust and respect others.

What you want to GET, you must learn to GIVE.
What you ask to RECEIVE, you are her to GIVE.
Until we learn to give to ourselves, we are not able to fully receive from others.
When we responsible for ourselves, we begin to realize how to be responsible for others.

Everyone is looking for Love.
Everyone needs to feel supported.
Humanity feels a lack and need for GIVERS.
Families and children are seeking nurturing and nourishment.

Where have all the mothers gone?
Where are the lovers and caregivers?
Where are the contributors and volunteers?
What are you giving to your family, your relationships and community?

To take your place as one who supports, helps, contributes and volunteers, you must give to you.
You who cares for others, must feed yourself first.
You who waits for others to feed you, will go hungry if you wait for others..
Those who seek a world where we all care for one another must begin with ourselves.

Begin by feeding yourself with forgiveness for all errors.
Begin with nurturing yourself with appreciation for every good work.
Begin by valuing the life you have and the good you do.
Begin always and forever with loving and affirming you.

Make time everyday to bless, nurture and nourish you for the Good in You.
Fill yourself up with laughter, learning, inspiration and Good news.
Stop taking on the poison or valueless thoughts of others.
Return to right relationship with yourself, your gifts, your resources and the Love in You.

Begin to notice how each person in your life needs to be loved and supported.
Some need a meal.
Some need a friend.
Some need your sharing and laughter.
Some need something to do and be helpful.
Some need a pat on the back.
Some need a smile or hug.
Some need time with us.
Some need to receive a card or special gift.
Some need to know we are there for them and with them no matter what.

What are you willing to do to let each one know you are there for them?
What do you really want to do to show you care?
What can you do today to send a prayer, a kind word, and extend peace to someone who needs release?

I am here for you, so let me know what I can do to care and support you.
Loving you,
Betty Lue