Saturday, May 24, 2014

Are You Pretending or the “REAL Deal”?

I affirm what is for the highest Good of all.
I seek a win-win decision in all choices I make.
I trust what is best for me, knowing my best is good for others.
I am honest and consistent in what I think, say and do.
I have no secrets and feel confident in who I AM.
Many learn to fake it to make it!
Some learn to cover all mistakes.
Others create their own life resumes.
They may even deceive themselves.

It is valuable to question ourselves.
Who Are You Really?
What are the games you are playing?
Do you have confidence in what you say and do?

Are you selling your knowledge?
Do you try to convince others you are capable?
Are you seeking to prove something?
Do you make up stories or exaggerate?

Life is a long road with lots of challenges and opportunities.
When we have our own full support and wisdom, we can count on ourselves.
When we deceive ourselves, we may promise more than we can deliver.
When we claim to do or know more than is true, we may lose trust and confidence.

The stories we tell can build us up or tear us down.
The claims we make can be fool’s gold for the listener.
Convincing, proving, selling can be the front we put on to try to get approval or make the sale.
Whenever we talk to others, we may simply share our truth or be attempting to make money or friends.

What do you want to give?
What do you need to get?
Are you believable?
Do you believe in yourself?

When we know what we know because we know it and live it, we are easily believed and trusted.
When we think we know because we read it or heard it said, we must convince.
When we make up what we know to sound or look good or get the sale, others may not trust us.
Our work is to clarify our own truth from the stories and claims we make.

How much do you push?
How much do you allow?
How much do you trust each person to have their own Truth?
How much do you allow yourself and others to explore and learn?

Simple Suggestions:
Listen to what is wanted by the other.
State your simple response.
Ask if more is wanted or needed.
Let go and trust in the outcome.

Without neediness, everyone experiences what they have created for themselves.
Live What You Teach!
Betty Lue

Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness and Inner Peace
Every morning and every night, say this prayer:I forgive everything and everyone, every experience and every memory of the past and present that needs forgiveness.
I forgive positively everyone.
God is Love.
I am forgiven and governed by God’s Love alone.
God’s Love is now harmonizing my life and its problems.
Realizing this, I abide in peace.
I am now forgiven by everything and everyone of the past and present that needs to forgive me.
I know that forgiveness unblocks whatever stands between me and my good.
I am grateful for the power of God’s Word.