Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wasting Time

Affirmations: ( Use affirmations to clear the false beliefs and negative learning. See how to use effectively below.)
I use my time effectively and on purpose.
I take my time to do what inspires me.
I love myself by giving myself quality time.
I spend my time doing only what is good for me.
Time is valuable.
Your time is important to you.
Give your time where it matters.
Use you time to make a positive difference.

You may squander time on distractions and delaying.
You may spend time on criticizing and complaining.
You may have habits of arguing and fighting.
You may waste time feeling sorry for yourself.

Ask what difference does any of this make except to feel bad.
What good does it do to gossip about someone?
What good does it do to make others feel guilty or afraid?
What good does it do to worry or complain?

Time is valuable.
Use it wisely.
Think about what you Can do.
Begin moving in a positive or productive direction.

Negative use of time slows or stops the flow of energy.
Negative thoughts block creative thinking.
Negative words prevent healing and healthy communication.
Negative behaviors interfere with choosing a better way to live.

Give yourself time to consider what you really want.
If you want to dump negatives ( your toxic waster), dump it in private.
If you want to create positive experiences, clear the old stuff out of the way.
If you want to be more efficient and effective, Open the flow and do what you can do.

The quality of life you have is based on what you do to clear the blocks and pollutants.
The freedom you feel comes from removing the roadblocks you have placed in your way.
The abundance you want comes from opening the flow of all good with joyful positive giving.
The Love you seek comes from using you thoughts, words and behavior to be kind and loving to all.

You may not realize how you have created your own experience.
When you pay attention to what you give, you will come to know you also receive in like kind.
Thoughts produce results.
Words create love or fear.
Behavior shows the truth we feel.

If it is time to make changes, do it now.
If it is time to heal relationships, do it now.
If it is time to stop unhealthy addictions, do it now.
If it is time to live your best self, do it now.

There is no time like the present to give yourself this Gift.
You will be using your time wisely and well.

You are worth it! 
Betty Lue