Sunday, April 13, 2014

Celebrate Life!!

I am free to celebrate me.
I love my life and love being me.
I see the miracles of love everywhere.
I am happy with myself and all I choose to be.

Do you celebrate your life?
Do you celebrate all life!
Do you honor the bounty?
Do you see the beauty?

All around us and within us is magnificent and amazing life.
When we are inspired as each day unfolds, we celebrate.
When we are uplifted and overjoyed, we feel grateful.
When we remember the infinite possibilities of life, we are delighted.

Are you happy with your self?
Do you enjoy your own company?
Do you read and watch what makes you smile?
Do you listen to songs that life your spirits?

When you make positive choices, you have positive feelings.
When  you choose inspiring books and media, you feel uplifted.
When you talk with happy, healthy people, you feel happier and healthier.
When you do what you feel pleased with, you are happy with yourself.

Life is about making wise choices.
Life offers multiple choice questions.
Life is a fail safe test, until you get it right.
Life is a mega do-over until you succeed.

Love yourself enough to give yourself the best.
Love yourself by making the choice to love.
Love yourself by correcting every mistake with ease and grace.
Love yourself by forgiving and choosing again and again.

You can celebrate life, because it is for you.
You can be glad to be alive, because it wants you to enjoy.
You can be happy with your self, because you are the one who knows.
You can honor the Good in You, because you know it is true about you.

Celebrate your whole life, the good, bad and the ugly.
Under all goodness is the desire to be happy.
Under all “badness” is the need to find Goodness.
Under all “ugliness” is the willingness to see the Beauty.

Life is Self disclosing, inviting you to see the Goodness in You.
When you find all the Good in you, the Good you do and the Good you be, you will celebrate YOU!

Loving and celebrating life for us all,
Betty Lue

If you ever want me to write affirmations for you, let me know. I will be happy to.
Or read my newly published book Pocketbook of Affirmations.
Remember to affirm you in everything you say and do.
Betty Lue

Rules of Remembering

No complaining.
No stories of past pain, problems or mistakes.
No criticizing, aloud or silently.
No need to justify, explain or seek approval.
Stop every harmful thought, word or deed.
Focus on giving your best right now.
Clean up after yourself and keep life in order.
Hurt no one with your thoughts, words or deeds.
Forgive yourself and apologize immediately.
If you see something that is needed, simply do it.
Respect your body and mind with only good.
Appreciate everything you have and do and are.
Choose to be happy, content and grateful.
Speak with clarity and intention to give only Love.
Let go of what no longer works for you.
Live every moment, as if God (Love) in all Life matters….because it does.

Betty Lue, 2013