Monday, April 28, 2014

Are You Willing to Take Action?

I act on my inner guidance without hesitation.
I live and love with joy and gratitude.
I do what I say and say what I do.
I respond in the most loving and helpful I know.

Are you willing to stop your child, friend, spouse, or parent from doing harm to themselves?
Are you willing to take action and make the difference that saves a life?
Are you willing to stop yourself from addiction to whatever may harm you and your life?
Are you willing to step up and stop condoning, staying quiet, turning away or ignoring?

When you know there is a problem, do you speak up?
When you know there is a problem with your own dependency, do you seek help?
When you know there is a problem, do you get information, guidance and support?
Are you setting the highest example for others to follow?

Someone must say “NO” to what is dangerous and doing harm.
Someone must speak up to say “ I love you and this is not OK!”
Someone must get help to be able and willing to be helpful.
Someone must be willing to do what it takes to not participate.

We stop those who steal.
We stop those who lie.
We stop those who abuse.
Is it not time to stop those who harm themselves?

We want to be helpful, but don’t know how.
We wish we could be helpful, but feel helpless.
We feel guilty about not helping, but withdraw.
We are here to do something to be truly helpful.

Let’s get information and resources.
Let’s stop denying, condemning and neglecting the problem.
Let’s get proactive and seek the help we need to be truly helpful.
Let’s make our brothers and sisters important and let them know we care.

We cannot make people do what they don’t want to do.
We can stop condoning their secret behavior and covering their problem.
We cannot make them stop their addiction.
We can stop giving them money, excuses, sympathy or cover up the problem.

What would you want others to do for you when you have a problem?
Would you want compassion, help, information, tough love, or leave you alone?
You can ask what they want and give what you know.
You can stop waiting and watching, hoping and praying and do something!

Love and speak up.
Love and support.
Love and educate.
Love and demonstrate.

You can do it!
Loving You, 
Betty Lue

Everyone need to take responsibility to show up and speak up to be truly helpful.
Do not go along with what does harm to you or your brother or others.

Robert’s note that inspired this reminder:
Your advice was perfect and it is her willingness to follow it that makes the difference. It’s just like the addict—they have to want it. The non-addict has to want to help enough to take responsibility and take action. They have to “hit bottom” as well, so they don’t give in or let it slide just because they need the other person in some way or they’re afraid of being alone.

It’s a messy world. What I see you do is work with the ones willing to take responsibility—regardless of which side of the relationship they are in (addicted or the partner). I don’t know how to make more of a difference. There are programs everywhere and often for those willing to do something.

What you do is uncover and support their willingness and empower them to take action.  Thanks.”