Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?

I live with freedom and trust.
I am here to be helpful.
I am truly happy as I am truly helpful.
I serve the Highest Good for all.

Earth Day
The Best gift we can give our earthly home is our awakened, conscious, loving and respectful Whole Self.

Do you want change?
Are you willing to change/
Are you ready to undo what is false for you?
Can you let go of what you no longer value?

Questions are a way of inviting your personality and ego to come along for the ride.
Often we resist what we don’t want to change.
Many times we insist on doing what we want our way.
Change, without resistance and insistence,  happens naturally and may be fun, safe and easy.

When we let go of making life happen our way and simply trust, we find the easy way.
When we free ourselves from the complexities of what, where, when, why and how, we can allow change.
When we seek to follow the path of freedom and trust, love is the answer to every question.
When we commit ourselves and our lives to being truly happy, life changes for us.

Life is about letting go to really know.
Life is about undoing what is untrue.
Life is about releasing the fear to see what is here.
Life is about forgiving the past, so this moment will last.

Under all we have and do and think and feel, there is what is REAL and lasting.
When we release what doesn’t bring peace, you know peace within.
When we clear away the debris of what you tried before, you can see so much more of what already is.
When you simply enjoy what you have with care and consistency, you find the true gifts.

What you seek, you already have.
Who you want to be, is already there within you.
What you value is what you already know you are and have.
How you want to give and live, is available to you right now.

Often we disavow what is already present.
We may be distracted or close our eyes from seeing and believing.
We may be so busy trying to make something happen, that we create resistance and doubt.
We may fear how easily and good life can be, so create speed bumps and obstacles of distrust.

What will it take for you simply to let go and allow only Good?
What can you do to release the “buts” from your vocabulary?
How long will you wait and hesitate, before you simply say “YES?
Are you willing to get our of the way and let Good happen today?

How long before you can see the change?
If you have not made up your mind, you see the happening immediately.
If you are sill judging how it will be or look or feel, you may always doubt.
Transformation occurs naturally when we trust and free ourselves to simply be.

Life in us seeks to be free, always flowing naturally for healing and health, forgiveness and love.
Life is meant to be whole and happy and free.
If not, Let go and watch it flow.
Trusting and freeing us all to be All we are here to be.

Betty Lue