Sunday, March 23, 2014

What Is Your Purpose?

I make wise choices easily and quickly.
I trust my purpose and path.
I choose to live with integrity and love.
I respect and encourage us all to find our authentic Self.
I live in harmony with all beings.

What is your intention?
What is you goal?
What do you want to be?
What do you want to do?

Everyone has a purpose.
Everything has a use.
Everyone has a desire.
All of us have choice.

When we are clear why we are here, we can proceed with focus and direction.
When we know what is ours to do, we can set our course and follow from within.
When we understand have the freedom, we can make our lives fulfilling or chaos.
When we believe, we can dare and do, conceive and believe, we can achieve.

The problem may be that we allow others to decide what is ours to be, do and have.
The difficulty may be the conflict of wanting one direction, but choosing another.
The chaos may come from trying our everyone’s vision and possibility before coming home to Self.
The pain often happens when we are split  and fragmented in living every which way and back.

Make today, this Spring, this time, to choose 100% you path, your purpose and Will.
Impotence and error come from competing ideas and conflicting goals.
You can change at any junction, but the choice you make today gives you today’s path to follow.
And where you go, you will know what is right and good for you.

Are you here to serve or be served?
Are you here to give or to get?
Are you here to live in love or live in fear?
Are you here to heal or to hurt?

Do you choose to win at all costs or to teach we all can win?
Do you choose to go it alone or all together?
Do you choose to give all you can or take what you can?
Do you help or harm with your words and your deeds?

Do you choose to be happy or try to be right?
Do you share what you have or fight to keep for yourself?
Do you live in harmony or cause upset and chaos?
Do you believe in Good or focus on the Bad?

When we are aware that we care, we must share our heartfelt gifts or have regret.
When we know we are called to give, we must give our best to everyone or feel despair.
When we selfishly take care of our own needs, with disregard for others, we must  learn to share.
When we lack focus and choice, freedom and trust, we must listen within and follow what we know.

These are the times when we plant the seeds for our  life’s harvest.
We must begin anew to find what is true, each one at choice and now give our voice to ourselves.
Trusting and freedom in the love I have as we choose again, consciously and wisely.
Betty Lue