Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Renewal of Life!

I am free to begin again.
I trust in the best in me.
I appreciate my innocence.
Love makes each day new again and again.

We can only renew our selves, when we are willing to let go of the old.
There is space for new ideas, when we release our attachment to the past ideas.
When our drawers and shelves are full of boxed up or loose stuff, the clutter consumes us.
When the mind’s hard drive is full of dusty and rusty thoughts and feelings, there is no room.

In order to begin the planting of this year’s garden, we must till under the old outdated used up crop.
There may be some perennials that we prune to make ready for the new growth.
There may be some deciduous that need to lay barren until the coming  forth of new foliage.
There are some evergreens that keep growing even in the dark of winter.

When we are willing to do the work, we know what and where to plow under and plant anew.
When we pay attention, we know when weather patterns have changed and we plan accordingly.
When we are willing to do the work, we know exactly how to prepare the soil for the new season.
When we trust our instincts and attunement, we do what feels right and respectful of Mother Nature.

In the same way, we have work to do for our own inner Spring and time of renewal.
We have saved the best seeds from last years harvest to plan for and plant again.
We have removed the debris of the past and have blessed the past with our gratitude.
We have tilled the fertile foundation of our mind and cultivated only the best ideas and inspiration.

Are you ready for new beginnings or are you comfortable with the old?
Do you celebrate new ideas and inspirations or do you feel safe with what is familiar?
Are you ready for change and transition or do you want to keep things as they have always been?
Are you refreshed by new challenges and adventures or fearful and resistant of the unknown?

Some prefer the quiet of winter.
Some are renewed by the surprises in spring.
Some love the freedom of summer.
Some enjoy the comfort of fall.

There is no need to judge anyone’s preferences, for they are one way of defining ourselves.
Being true to the part we play in the ever-unfolding adventure of seasons and cycles, is our gift.
Discovering and fully appreciating our place in the sun is the way we inspire more of the same.
Indeed each one is encouraging and creating more of what it is we love and value.

Renewal is the opportunity to begin again.
Renewal is the spring’s promise of a better life.
Renewal is our way of remembering hope and faith.
Renewal is the joy we experience when we see infants, puppies, daffodils and crocuses.

Spring is the time to regain our life focus.
Spring is the gift of revitalized energy.
Spring is the choice to start over.
Spring is the joy of expressing what is ever new.

Starting over again everyday with a new mind, a new vision and a new identity.
Love is freedom and trust.
Betty Lue

Love makes all things new again.