Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I choose peace.
I live in peace.
I create and extend the peace I have.
My life is peaceful, because I choose it to be so.
Peace heals all things.
Peace is letting go of stress.
Peace is relinquishing attack.
Peace is undoing fear.

Peace opens the flow.
Peace is being willing to trust.
Peace is allowing what is.
Peace is being free.

When we find ourselves stressed, we can choose again.
When we feel angry and upset, we can step away and see things differently.
When we feel afraid and uncertain, we can trust in a positive outcome.
When we judge ourselves, we can forgive and be kind to our mind.

Tools to Use:
Breathe deep into your belly
Take a walk.
Reach out and care for someone.
Change your environment and see things differently.
Interrupt you stressed thinking with gratitude and kindness.
Write all your thoughts and feelings until you are empty. “The real reason I feel ……. is…….”
Write letters to others involved with all your thoughts and feelings until you have offloaded your mind.
Throw this writing away as its job is to clear your mind.
Take time to give appreciation and gratitude to yourself.
Meditate and focus on love, delight, freedom.
Take a nap.
Do something fun.
Listen to enjoyable music.
Give some hugs.
Feed yourself Love and Appreciation.
Exercise to release excess energy.
Do something positive and helpful.
Be creative.
Take you mind away with a movie or book.

Begin to create your own repertoire of tools for us as needed.
Write down what works best for you.
Trust yourself to learn how to create peace.
Learn how to Be Peace.

Know when you change your mind and focus on peace, you will create it with your thoughts.
Know when you focus on the stress or upset, you simply create more of the same in your mind.
Take responsibility to undo whatever is upsetting to you.
When you are peaceful, you have peace and extend peace to others.

This is your peaceful work.
Blessings abound in peace.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue