Friday, March 28, 2014

Do You Really Want to be Successful?

I know what is mine to do and I do it.
I know what I want and I go for it.
I trust myself to live my dream.
I live my life in the best way for me.

Do you really want to live your life, your way?
Do you really want to do what you say you do?
Do you really want to be all you can be?
What do you really want?

Much of success in getting clear about what you really want.
When you value what is not valuable to you, you will not be satisfied.
When you go for what fits with what others want for you, you will not succeed.
When a part of you wants it and another part does not, you will be stalled.

Self sabotage is the usual reason for not getting what you say you want.
Clearing your own fears, doubts and interference is our primary work to success.
Relinquishing blame and victimization is key to undoing the blocks to achievement.
Stop justifying, explaining, complaining and making excuses and just do it.

Success for some may be living life simply.
For others success is living with fame and fortune.
For another you may want living a good and Godly life.
And for you, what is success for you?

You may have a dream.
If you rely on another to have the same dream, you may be disillusioned.
If you count on getting others to help, you may be disappointed.
If you rest success on having the rime and money, you may wait forever.

What does it take to have Real Success?
Vision = See clearly what you really want to experience.
Faith = Believe wholeheartedly in what you really want.
Desire = Have passion and deep feeling for what you want.
Commitment = Give your all and never quit until you succeed.
Strategy = Trust in your inner knowing along with a clear plan.
Action = Have the courage to do what is needed without hesitation.
Gratitude = Be appreciative of every step along the way, always including yourself.

Do you know what you want to experience in your family and your relationship?
Do you know what you want to experience at home and in your job or career?
Do you understand where you interfere and give what you don’t what to have?
Are you aware of where you stop yourself from having, doing and being what you really want?

The work is always to clear the blocks that interfere with results.
The work is to undo the emotional baggage, disappointment and fear.
The work is to stop the wasted energy in judging and blaming yourself and others.
The work is to get the past history and learned resistance out of the way.

Forgive, erase, undo, release and flush the blocks.
Choose again with eyes, head and heart wide open.
Live your life as if everything matters, because it does.
Give you all to have all to be all you are here to be.

Loving you mightily,

Betty Lue