Tuesday, March 04, 2014


Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
Life works when I trust and allow.
Love flows through me endlessly.
I am love itself, flowing effortlessly setting me free to be.

Movement is flow.
 Flow is letting go.
Letting go is freedom.
Freedom yields change.

And so it is we allow, allow, allow.
Letting go is fun, safe amd easy with no fear.
Allowing is fun, safe and easy with no judgment.
Freedom is fun, safe and easy with perfect trust.

Breath is flow.
Walking is flow.
Working is flow.
Talking is flow.

Allowing the mind to be changed by choice is a powerful tool.
Changing your mind changes your thoughts, words and deeds.
Opening the mind with trust and freedom lets go of “stuckness.”
Attachment and non attachment allows balances.

Learn to change what is not working.
Learn to let go what is not helpful.
Learn to undo what is not true.
Learn to release what is not Peace.

When we are stuck in our opinions, we are limited.
When we are fixated on our beliefs, we are caught.
When we are afraid of our decisions, we are static.
When we are certain of our rightness, we are blind.

Facts change.
Weather changes.
People change.
Rules and mores change.

When we are slow to change, we may feel left behind.
When we are resistant to change, we may feel judgmental.
When we misunderstand change, we may feel fear.
When we deny the changes, we may feel lost.

Maybe it is time to wake up and notice all has changed.
Maybe it is time to acknowledge and support your preferences.
Maybe it is time to be open and willing to trust and allow.
Maybe it is time to forgive your opinions, beliefs and attachments.

Better to let go and flow with what is,
Loving as I let go and flow.

Betty Lue