Saturday, February 22, 2014

What Now, My Love?

I am willing to being anew.
I love new beginnings and always choose for the best.
What is best for me is best for others.
My new choices inspire and encourage others to do the same.

Do you ever wonder?
Do you ask “Why?”
Do you know “What Matters?”
Are you ready for the next step in life?

Life seems to have its way with us.
And how we respond makes all the difference.
Are we accepting and allowing?
Are we rejecting and resisting?

One way yields ease and the other fear.
The way of allowance opens the door of possibilities.
The way of resistance opens the door to fear and stuckness.
We each choose to respond with allowance or the choice to react with resistance.

Whether relationships, jobs, finances or health, we all choose to react or respond.
When I clear false beliefs limiting thoughts and misperceptions, I open my thoughts to curiosity.
When I become interested and open, I can choose to be positive and affirming.
When I open to positive possibility, I choose for what is highest and best for me and all.

The key to Good is to stop obsessing on ominous and scary stuff.
The choice is to step away from thoughts and imaginings on the worst outcome.
When I stop my mind from perseverating on negative options, I need to fill my thoughts with the positive.
What I choose to think of, imagine, gather proof, and then speak about will usually show up.

Life is free will.
Life is freedom of choice.
Life is asserting what we truly want.
Life is letting go quickly and easily of what no longer works.

Be responsible and able to respond.
Take charge by being responsible.
Give up the victimization and giving someone else the job.
Be response-able for your own life and how you use it all.

Everyday is a new choice.
We choose what we eat and when we sleep.
We choose what we where and where we go.
We choose how we look and act and speak.

When we dislike our choices and their outcomes, it is time to choose again.
When choices seem limited, it is time to choose new associations and read different books.
When we feel limited by our surroundings, it is time to move and travel and make expansive choices.
Life is a potpourri of possibilities and being limited is not a healthy option.

Time to step up.
Time to break out.
Time to begin again.
Time to start something better.

Loving us all in our willingness to begin again and again and again.

Betty Lue