Friday, February 07, 2014

What Does It Take to Be Happy?

I forgive all unhappy and unhealthy thoughts.
I release all limiting habits of mind.
I free myself to be whole and happy.
I deserve happiness and allow myself to be happy.

(Happy and Successful Relationships Can Be Yours!)

Do you know what it takes to be happy with yourself?
Do you know what it takes to be happy with your life?
Do you know what it takes to stop complaining and draining yourself?
Do you know what it takes to be stop fear and discontent?

For each one the process is unique.
For every one the path may be different.
For you, your way may not fit with others.
For all of us, happiness is our healing and guiding light.

When we are happy and content, we bring good to our world.
When we are happy, we do no harm to ourselves or others.
When we are happy, we are generous and grateful.
When we are happy, we feel pleased and appreciate ourselves.

Some need to have goals and accomplish them daily.
When we go to bed feeling fulfilled and complete, we are happy.
Some need to set themselves free and simply be, guided by inner inspiration.
When we trust and free ourselves to listen within, we allow Love to create happiness in us.

Some need to develop a daily spiritual practice:
Perhaps meditation, taking a walk, serving others.
Perhaps your practice is creating something beautiful or taking good care of your family.
Reading a holy book, saying prayers, writing poetry , doing yoga, or saying “Thank you” to everyone.

When we become aware, we simply choose:  "I Am happy and fulfilled today.”
How long does it take to change you mind and your mood?
With a forgiving heart and an open mind, it takes no time at all.
When we practice choosing happiness, we become strong and able to will it so.

What do you need to develop to be able and willing to be happy?
Develop the habits of forgiveness and affirmation.
Develop the habits of hope and generosity.
Develop the habits of silence and inner peace.

Take time everyday to learn how to change your mind.
Learn how to interrupt the habit of worry and negative thinking.
Learn how to stop blaming and complaining.
Learn how to erase negative and limited thoughts.

I am happy to be loving you and sharing with you how you can Love You, too!

Betty Lue