Thursday, February 06, 2014

Time to Dump the Trash

Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
I love to acknowledge and correct my mistakes.
I am willing to be responsible for sorting out what I value.
I take full responsibility for my life and learn as I go.
When full of crap, dump it and flush.
Do not dump your toxic thoughts or feelings on others.
It only pollutes the environment and your relationships.
If you want to clear the air, use forgiveness to refresh the relationship.

If you have negative thoughts, take some space to get neutral.
If you have angry thoughts, take responsibility for clearing them.
If you have upsetting feelings, use forgiveness and affirmations.
If you are thinking, feeling and acting down, disturbed or distracted, step away and clear yourself.

Dumping onto someone else only spreads the negativity around.
Making others feel responsible for your hurt, fear or resentment creates guilt.
Guilt usually causes withdrawal or blame in the one feeling guilty.
Taking responsibility for your feelings, thoughts and behavior means you can change it all.

This world has much toxic waste.
We may waste the good and collect the bad.
We may ignore or take the good for granted and focus on the bad stuff.
Wherever we save and put our attention on what is negative or toxic, we empower it.

Many products and professions focus on the bad guys, the bad germs and bad behaviors.
Much of our money-making businesses focus on promoting negativity, fear and violence.
Families often focus on what is not done, on what is incorrect or the disobedience.
Parents and teachers could change everything by energizing and appreciating all the good.

What can we do to stop increasing negative and fear-based choices?
What can we do to create a more beneficial and healthy environment for our kids and ourselves?
What can we choose or change or commit to that will strengthen positive creative choices?
What are you willing to do, say or think to change the world?

Have you forgiven and erased the past?
Have you affirmed the experience you want to have?
Are you ready to courageously ask for the Good you want for yourself and others?
Do you believe in prayer and the possibility of change one moment at a time?

Let us delete and not repeat what we no longer value.
Let us erase what has no place in our thoughts or words.
Let us realize what we want is possible with clarity, choice and commitment.
Let us undo what is not true when we let go of believing and living it.

It is our time to courageously, dump and flush.
Forgive our mistaken choices and misperceptions and choose again.
Escape from retelling how wrong and bad and hopeless things are.
We can take responsibility and change our choices and our lives.

Let’s take out the trash!
I am willing and able to let go with gratitude and joy.

Betty Lue