Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Time to Choose Again!

I forgive myself for getting stuck in emotional muck!.
I free myself to fully be myself everyday in every way.
I love to give and live in joy and gratitude.
I flow flow creative ideas, inspiration and wisdom wherever I am invited.

When you are upset with someone, it is time to choose again.
When you are hurting or afraid, it is time to choose again.
When the past is haunting you, it is time to choose again.
When life is a nightmare, it is time to choose again.

When there seems to be no solution, it is time to choose again.
When you keep trying and failing, it is time to choose again.
When you are lost in self pity and depression, it is time to choose again.
When you are unhappy, disappointed and discouraged, it is time to choose again.

When faced with an obstacle, you may get stuck.
When lost is negativity, you may lose hope.
When consumed with fear, you may be paralyzed.
When doubtful and suspicious, you may stay in the question.

What to do with inertia, stuckness, failure and despair?
Clear the mind with forgiveness and choose again.
Step out of the dark and follow the light.
Undo your blindfold and look around you.

Make a your own list of prescriptions for “stuckness.”
And place in your medicine cabinet for future reference.
Some of my own examples:
Do the 30 day program, of Forgiveness, Choice and Gratitude.
Sing and chant something positive.
Take a walk.
Help someone.
Take a nap and wake up new.
Distract myself with  a fun project.
Just do something good for someone.
Make something beautiful.
Express love and gratitude in a note or phone call.
Simply stop and count my blessings.
Change my mind with affirmations.
“This too shall pass.”

There is always something you can do.
There is always light when you look up.
There is always another way.
There is always the love inside you.

Never give up and you will succeed.
Never quit on Love. no matter what.
The sun is always shining no matter how dark it seems to be.
The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.

My favorite way to stay fully present and in love is to give all to all.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue

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