Thursday, February 13, 2014

Show Your Love

(Full Moon 3:53PM PST and Valentine’s Day tomorrow)

Show Your Love!
Share Your Love!

Love Languages come in many different ways.
Some say it. (affirming words)
Some do it.  (acts of service)
Some buy it. (gifts)
Some share it. (quality time)
Some show it. (affectionate touch)

I love you by writing and speaking affirming words with these loving reminders.
I love you by doing what I can to make your life better, happier, healthier serving you and your world.
I love you by giving you all our seminars and workshops and Sunday talks on line, audio and video.
I love you by spending quality time with you here, on phone, skype in person and here.
I love you by giving hugs, smiles, warm feelings with my mind and heart to touch your heart and mind.

Yes, all of this is given to show my love for you.
There is much more that I do, not easily expressed, but always known by my heart and yourse.
Sweethearts know there is Love, even when they are not together.
You know and I know that I mean every word I say.

 As I love you, I am loved by you.
Perhaps not in the most obvious conscious ways.
As I love you, I expand my love.
For what I give is returned to me when you give to your world.

As I love you, I am loving me.
For you are me and I am you and we are One, when all is said and healed and done.
Everything I AM and DO is always loving you.
I am here to remind us that Love is our natural state.

Gifts freely given.
Time freely given.
Positive words freely given.
Service freely given.
Affection freely given.

Everything I have I give and share for the benefit of all.
Everything I Am is increased as it is received and freely given.
Everything we are together reminds our world of the Truth of Love as it is freely shared.
Everything we share reminds us to recognize and celebrate the Love in us and everywhere.

So what is there to Do, but simply go on loving you!
Who is there to Be, but continue to be loving me!
How can we be free, until we see the Love is free.
Let us remember together, there is nothing to fear when we Love.

Some ways I am Loving you!
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Read  Loving Reminders and take them personally if they resonate with you. (Archived at

Loving you, Betty Lue

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