Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Children As Our Teachers

I treat every child with the same respect I want.
I listen, observe and learn what works with each child.
I give children the safety and respect they deserve.
I teach by modeling response- ability and cooperation.

Do you listen to children?
Do you ask meaningful questions?
Do you listen for their real answers?
Do you seek to really learn and know more?

I rely on children to tell me what works.
I invite kids to share what makes sense.
I encourage kids and teens to tell what is really going on.
I listen for what is in their hearts and on their minds.

We had more of  an interview, with our three grandkids at our Friday All Faith Fellowship.
I began to ask about what matters to them and what is the value of their parents and their family.
I wondered about how they like adults to talk with them.
We meditated at the end and they giggled lightly so the delight of those who were being still.

The whole experience was enlightening and inspiring and enjoyable.
The children loved being listened to and wanted more time in the future.
The adults did not interrupt but joined in treating the children as the experts.
There was no disagreement, but only creating a safe place for all to share.

We were informed with serious intention.
We were educated about how much is observed.
We were taught why kids take care of the hurting ones.
We were invited to stop bullying, yelling and being mean.

Sometimes kids have more practical sense than adults.
Often times kids have much more sensitivity than grownups.
For sure, kids keep life simpler than parents and teachers.
Usually kids care much more than the adults are aware.

“Adults need to stop yelling.”
“Kids yell because adults yell”.
“Parents need to not be so mean about mistakes.”
“Kids have their feelings hurt by parents yelling.”

What if kids are trying to tune out with TV, video, ipods, and drugs.
What if kids want a quieter world with no yelling, demands and criticism.
What if kids are trying to drown out adults trying to get them to do stuff.
What if kids want a more natural, more helpful, more kind and simpler world.

Let us begin by observing children.
Let us watch to see what works.
Let us look at when children are happy and inspired.
Let us listen for how children really feel and what is real for them.

Kids give us the clues to see what will work best in our world.
Kids don’t want to make mistakes.
Kids don’t like to be yelled at or punished.
Kids have feelings too.
Kids don’t have a clue about why adults can be so mean.

Maybe it is time to create a safe world where children are taught with respect.
Maybe we can build families where parents listen and observe their children.
Maybe we can forgive the adult world for being so complex and confusing and loud.
Maybe it is the time for children to become our teachers in how to live happily.

I love learning from children.
You can learn good things too.
Listen and observe.
See what they copy and listen to how they feel.

Loving us all in remembering to Love,
Betty Lue