Thursday, February 20, 2014

Be Grateful

I fully appreciate myself, my life and all the Good in me.
I am truly thankful for the gifts of learning and growth I have and share.
I am grateful to be Who I AM.
Life expands in Goodness every time I remember to be grateful.
Gratitude is our natural state.
Being fully alive, we naturally feel gratitude.
Being in love, we naturally feel gratitude.
Being truly happy, we naturally feel gratitude.

When you have lost a sense of gratitude, it will shut you down.
When you neglect to be grateful, you will lose your momentum.
When you stop allowing appreciation, you will feel separate.
When focus on worries, fears, resentment and regret, you will get sucked into seriousness.

To be grateful is inspiring.
To appreciate is to increase.
To be thankful is to enjoy.
To be as an innocent child, you will be amazed and grateful.

Gratitude heals.
Being grateful heals depression.
Being grateful forgives the past.
Being grateful opens creativity.

Gratitude reveals.
Gratitude opens curiosity.
Gratitude attracts goodness.
Gratitude invites Love.

Gratitude enlivens.
What you appreciate, you will encourage.
What you appreciate, you seek to share.
What you appreciate, you fully receive.

Gratitude is our gift.
When you are thankful, you seek tto know and love.
When you are thankful, you allow yourself to share.
When you are thankful, you inspire happiness in others.

Where has the gratitude gone?
What is wrong with full exuberance?
How can we forget to be appreciative?
Where did we lose our natural gratitude for life itself?

Take time to receive the Good and be grateful.
Give respect to what others do for you and give thanks.
Enjoy everywhere and everyone and all things and appreciate.
Open your heart and quiet your mind and breathe with full thanksgiving.

I am deeply and profoundly grateful to myself for remembering to fully appreciate me and you!

Betty Lue