Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Are You Ready to Forgive?

My mind automatically erases everything that is not wholly loving and true.
I forgive everything and everyone for all time, including myself.
I use forgiveness to clear the way of all obstacles to happiness.
Forgiveness heals and reveals only the Good in me.
My life works because I forgive quickly and easily.
If you remember, you have not forgiven.
If you are trying to understand, you have not forgiven.
If you can’t wait to get even, you have not forgiven.
If you are still telling the story, you have not forgiven.

When you are ready to truly let go, you will forgive.
When you are willing to be free of the past, you will forgive.
When you have learned your lessons, you will forgive.
When you stop hurting yourself, you will forgive.

Forgiveness brings peace.
Peace brings understanding.
Forgiveness bring happiness.
Happiness from energy and vitality.

Forgiveness recognizes the blessing.
Forgiveness sees with the eyes of love.
Forgiveness responds to the call for love.
Forgiveness is a gift to ourselves.

For some forgiving is like changing the channel.
For others forgiving requires giving it to God.
For many forgiveness seems impossibly hard.
For a few forgiveness is simply stepping into the present.

If you find it difficult to undo the past, you might ask.
What good does remembering do for you?
Are you afraid it will happen again if you don’t defend?
Do you see you are a victim here without a way to clear?

What I have seen and know within my life when I do not forgive:
I am afraid and suffer when I do not forgive.
I feel anxious when I even think about the past.
I cannot be free and trusting to enjoy right now.
Life seems like an obstacle course rather than a free-way.
I must protect and defend myself from further wrongs.
I cannot trust myself to know what is good for me.
There is no safe place or person for me to know.
Decisions become fear-based rather than loving ones.
I am the one left hurting and wounded and remembering.

So, I choose to forgive as a gift to myself.
I forgive and I see things differently.
I forgive and recognize all things work together for good.
I forgive and recognize I am to here to remember only Love.

Use the 30 day process below to live fully and freely.
Exercise your mind by erasing everything and only Love will last
Clear your mind of everything that shows up and notice only Goodness and kindness are left.
Those who are willing, clean up the garbage in life with this amazing spiritual cleanser.

Loving us as we do our healing and holy work of seeing everything differently.
Everything is a gift of love or a call for Love,

Betty Lue