Saturday, January 25, 2014

We Create the Life We Have!

I forgive all mis-creations.
I am created to create.
I create only goodness, wholeness and beauty.
I appreciate myself for creating a good life.

Life is not set in the stars.
Life is not a given to be an excuse.
Life is not something we win.
Life is a choice.

Create the Life You want.
Use what you have.
Learn from every experience.
Improve because you want better.

Stop using the excuse of your past.
Stop blaming your heritage and history.
Stop complaining about the stress and lack.
Stop confusing yourself with wild dreams.

Today you can do something to improve.
Today you can forgive your resentment.
Today you can eat better and sleep better.
Today you can begin one step at a time.

Whatever your history, you can make a life that works.
Whatever you education, you can create beauty in your home.
Whatever your physical health, you can be kind to others.
Whatever your financial means, you can share what you have.

We can clean up our lives if they are messy.
We can heal our wounds, if we have been hurt.
We can make amends, if we have hurt others.
We can forgive our mistakes and choose again.

It takes a respectful choice to not argue or fight.
It takes a few seconds to apologize and mean it.
It takes being commitment to stop drinking, smoking and using.
It takes a long pause and a promise to never hurt or yell at your kids.

We can create a peaceful life.
Stop making war.
We can create a happy life.
Stop making yourself and others sad.
We can create a loving life.
Start being kind to everyone, including you.
We can create a good life.
Start thinking good thoughts and using good words and doing good deeds.

I know you can!
Begin today!
Loving you,
Betty Lue