Friday, January 31, 2014

Planting New Seeds for 2014

I plant seeds of joy and gratitude daily.
I choose the life I want and live it well.
I pull the weeds with clear intention and fertilize with gratitude.
My harvest is abundant because I do the work with joy.

Time to prepare the ground and plant new seeds for this year.
All the support and help and healing are here.
Start with fertile ground: open, willing, positive and clear.
Choose the best seed ideas and pictures of health and happiness.

Have you taken time to pull out the weeds of the past?
Have undone your beliefs that Good cannot last?
Have you meditated and contemplated on what you really want?
Have you done the work to set aside your fears to know what you really want to grow?

If you plant your worry along with your ideas, they only grow with limitation and problems.
If you plant past resentment, guilt and blame, your new seeds will not be healthy and whole.
If you have not cultivated the ground with inspiration, you may not harvest the good you seek.
For what you plant with thoughts you hold, positive and negative, will be brought forth.

It is essential that we forgive the past.
It is certain that we must clear our minds.
It is true we need to seek what we want to find.
We need to undo what we do not value.

What we think of, we will see and believe.
What we say, we will manifest and experience.
What we fear also becomes clear, because we think of it.
What we want to grow, must be what we seek to know and have and do.

Take the time to do the work.
What I really want to experience in 2014 is: (20 wants or more) Example below.
I want peace and harmony.
I want to think, speak and act with loving intention.
I want to know the good in me and see the good in you.

Take time to ask and answer:  Examples:
What do I need to clear to have what is for my highest Good?
Forgive the past.
Release my fears.
Stop doubting my self.

Write affirmations: ( Examples below.)
I know what I want and I go for it.
I forgive my doubts and fears.
I believe I can do anything I really want to do.
I now trust myself and free myself to have everything that is Good for me.

Today is the Chinese New Year;
Time to plant seeds for the Year of the Horse….of course!
(See Below some possibilities for the year)
I was born in the year of the horse.
“Animated, active, energetic and independent”

Smiling with love for you and me with all our eccentricities.
All good to balance humanity with all flavors, colors, types and beliefs.
If you loving diversity, you will love it all and see how perfect it all works.
Play your part, Live your truth, follow your belief and honor how you work best.

Loving us all, just the way we are.

Betty Lue