Sunday, January 05, 2014

Making Life More Fun, Safe and Easy!

Life works for me when I do the Work.
I am willing to listen within and live what is true.
The more I trust and free me, the more I trust and free you.
Life is good and getting better everyday in every way. 

Many paths, many purposes, many beliefs and many intentions.
This is the nature of humanity.
What do we all have in common?
Is there a way to reunite us as One?

It seems sometimes we have an intention to divide and conquer.
It seems as though we forget we are the same.
It seems we lose our togetherness, when we want to be right.
It seems we look for ways to be different and fight.

What if we are all simply playing our part in the grand scheme of things.
Like standing in a circle of humanity, each one playing their song for all to hear.
When we take the time to listen and appreciate the tune of the other, we all feel safe.
When we get together in one place and really listen with the heart, there is unity here.

Yes, you and I make a difference.
When there is no better or worse, no higher or lower, no enlightened or not, there is respect.
When we can respect the different parts we play, there will be no right and no wrong.
Each one has a song to sing, some gift to give and a place to live.

When we accept and allow, we see there is our own natural place to be.
When we trust and be free, we see we are right where we need to be.
Perhaps there will be no more fear when we stand clear and open our hearts.
There will be love and respect, a chance to accept each one and everyone as we are…

Life is more fun, safe and easy when we live true to ourselves.
Life is more safe, when we give ourselves the grace of not defending or harming ourselves or anyone.
Life is more fun, when we play like the children we are, making sure everyone has a turn to shine.
Life is more easy, when we go with the flow and truly let go of the blocks and barriers to simply Love.

Let’s stop the adulteration of Love.
Let’s let go of needing to judge.
Let’s allow everyone to be and to learn their own way.
Let’s be the place of safety and trust, where kindness is a must.

Can you imagine your family being the place to begin?
Are you willing to let everyone you encounter be treated like a friend?
Is there a chance you could give up evaluating, criticizing, regretting and blaming?
How can we live in simplicity simply sharing the best that we know wherever we go?

Let’s make this new year, a transformational time.
Let’s give ourselves what we always wanted to be and do and have.
Let’s create for ourselves the ease and safety and fun we seek.
Let’s live our own lives, playing the part and enjoying the song.

I am willing.
I dare to be true.
I know always I love me and I love you.
This works for me to have a life fun, safe and easy.

Try it and see what good it brings.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue

The 12 Principles of Attitudinal Healing

1.       The essence of our being is love.

2.       Health is inner peace, healing is letting go of fear.

3.       Giving and receiving are the same.

4.       We can let go of the past and of the future.

5.       Now is the only time there is, and each instant is for giving.

6.       We can learn to love ourselves and others by forgiving rather than by judging.

7.       We can become love finders rather than fault finders.

8.       We can choose and direct ourselves to be peaceful inside, regardless of what is happening outside.

9.       We are students and teachers to each other.

10.    We can focus on the whole of life, rather than the fragments.

11.    Since love is eternal, change need not be viewed as fearful.

12.    We can always perceive others as either extending love or giving a call for help.


Healing affirms that we are responsible for our thoughts and whatever feelings we experience.

Attitudinal Healing encourages us to re-examine our relationships, bringing them into the present by releasing past judgments and grievances.

Attitudinal Healing reminds us that perception is a mirror of what is in our mind.