Thursday, January 02, 2014

Make Room for the New!

I am willing to do the work.
I easily let go and free myself.
I am grateful for all I have.
I forgive myself for being attached to the old.
I forgive the past and trust in the future.

What holds us back is all the unfinished stuff.
What stops is our past disappointment and unfulfilled promises.
What gets in our way is pretending we have handled our life well.
What prevents us from getting things done, is procrastination, lethargy, lack of commitment and excuses.

If you want to create something new, stop doing what you used to do.
If you want to make a difference, start with your self and your own home and workplace.
If you want to fulfill your dreams, clean up your house, your finances and your relationships.
If you want to conceive, believe and achieve, show it in your everyday activities.

The clutter in your home and bedroom and closets is the clutter in your mind.
The stuff you have and stuff you want clogs the way to freely create and accomplish.
The unhealthy thoughts and unhappy feelings interfere with ever getting clear.
The way you use your time, energy and money must be in integrity 100% to be powerful.

Wherever we deplete and drain ourselves, we are off purpose.
When we have too much stuff to take care of easily, we have too much stuff.
When life is too much or too busy or too tiring, we have lost our way.
When we complain, criticize and are depressed, we need to let go.

Letting go can be fun, safe and easy.
See the New Year=s eve workshop processes below.
Write down what bogs you down and throw it away with your blessing.
Clear without fear or resistance all that limits you from living your highest and best.

Good ideas are just ideas until you do something.
Dreamers and schemers often get stuck in the doing.
Where we accomplish and achieve our visions and goals is when we are willing to work.
The beginning of work is a clean desk, office, kitchen, car, bedroom, finances and relationships.

When there is peace within and space without, we can create.
When there is eagerness to do the work, there is energy to get things done.
When there is willingness to forgive mistakes, there is freedom to dare and do.
When there is appreciation for who you are and all you have, there is support for being new.

Start today to begin to play at life and all its amazing miracles and choices.
Start today to let go of what you do not know or have not done before.
Start today to give yourself the space to undo each place by cleaning up your messes.
Start today by talking less and doing more to love you and all you know.

I will share the mega processes you have just begun with this simple outline for you to use.
Rather than look at where you are going, how about undoing the stuff that blocks your flow.
How about simply cleaning up and clearing our, completing and releasing what is not done.
Are you willing to stop blaming and complaining and do the work yourself?

If you see something that needs to be done, It is Yours to do!

I am Loving you, 
Betty Lue

 Time to Let Go  (this is just the beginning of your freedom  and trust)
(Write, Release with Blessings and Let Go)

Five + complaints.
Five + judgments.
Five + bad habits.
Five + criticisms.
Five + negative memories.
Five + mistakes.
Five + fears.
Five + hatreds.
Five +limitations.
Five+ false beliefs.

Incomplete projects.
Withheld communication.
Unfinished business.
Messes not yet cleaned up.
Promises to self or others unfulfilled.

What I always wanted to do and have never done.
What I always wanted to have and have never given myself.
What I always wanted to be and have never been.
What I always wanted to give and have never given.

Your Power Tools for Success

Power Tools
                  Clarity                Erase doubt and fear.
                  Communication  Be self-aware.
                  Choice                Be at cause.
                  Change               Trust the unknown.
                  Commitment       Wholeheartedly go for it.
                  Contribution        Give what has heart & meaning.
                  Celebration         Appreciate & enjoy the good in life.

Seven Steps To Success
                  Vision                  See it                 Imaging Your Desired Outcome
                  Faith                   Believe it           Self-Confidence & Trust
                  Passion               Desire it            Desire & Enthusiasm
                  Commitment       Choose it           Persistence & Determination
                  Strategy              Plan it                Planning & Preparation
                  Action                 Go for it             Willingness & Taking Action
                  Gratitude            Enjoy it              Appreciation & Acknowledgment

I clearly see....

I know....

I desire....

I choose....

I am prepared....

Today I am committed to....

This week I am committed to....

This month I am committed to....

This year I am committed to....