Saturday, January 18, 2014

Honoring Differences

I appreciate and honor all differences.
I trust myself to play my part in the circle of humanity.
I live my unique purpose with gratitude and grace.
I honor the one I am.

We each have our own learned style, abilities, personality needs, areas of excellence, etc.
Some like attention.
Some like results.
Some like to be busy.
Some like applause.

We all receive Love differently.
Some prefer quality time.
Some prefer affection.
Some prefer positive words.
Some like gifts.
Some prefer acts of service or helpfulness.

Everyone works differently.
Some are slow and methodical.
Some are fast and spontaneous.
Some need lots of direction and encouragement.
Some want to have projected delegated and then be left alone.

Everyone expresses differently.
Some prefer to take their time and think about what to say.
Some prefer to say what is on their mind with no hesitation.
Some prefer to only way what is positive and kind.
Some prefer to say it all and see what happens.

We all have something to strive for or save.
Some try to save effort and like to take the easy way.
Some want to save time and act busy and efficient.
Some want to save relationships, because friendship means a lot.
Some try to save face and hate to look bad or getting caught without data.

Everyone relies on their own most learned powers to rely on.
Some rely on charm and their winning ways.
Some rely on competence, knowing their strong enough to wing it.
Some rely on acceptance and the ability to please others.
Some rely on their expertise and their ability to bring more data.

This simple list may identify some of your differences.
Promoting Style is outgoing, optimistic, enthusiastic, impulsive, persuasive and emotions.
Controlling Style takes charge, solves problems, likes challenges, is decisive and results oriented.
Supporting Style is a great listener, patient, loyal, team player, service oriented and predictable.
Analyzing Style is accurate, seeks quality, logical, analytical, fact finder and systematic.

There are many facets to the makeup of our learned differences,
Each one of us represents an important piece of the whole.
Without you playing your part, the needs of the whole would not be met.
Somewhere we need to focus on the value of our difference and honor each other.

When we recognize we are all aspects of the greater good, we will stop feeling unsafe.
When we get along and stop negating or disintegrating we will see we are all connected.
When we realize the value of each part, we can start to fully trust and appreciate the ALL.
Let us first honor our own uniqueness and then extend respect and gratitude to all parts.

Bless us all for our differences.
Trusting you remember you are perfect just as you are.
There is nothing you need to do or make, give or have, teach or learn, to be worthy of Perfect Love.

Betty Lue