Friday, January 17, 2014

Differences or Similarities?

We are the same, you and I.
We are all in this world together.
I eastily love everyone as I let go of fear.
Acceptance flows as I allow myself to know and be known.

Do you see the differences or similarities?
Do you look for resonance or dissonance?
Do you seek to feel comfortable and safe?
Do you look for what feels wrong and different?

When we step into a situation or relationship, we usually have a mode of operating.
When we have the habit of being cautious, we may look for what doesn’t work for us.
When we look for differences in beliefs, looks, speech, gender, etc, we have learned to be fearful.
Caution may be justified with past experiences, teachings, prejudices and unforgiveness.

What we seek, we find.
When we seek what is wrong, we can always find something that isn’t right for us.
When we seek for how we are different, we can always find many differences in personality, looks, etc.
When we tell stories about others, we often tell about what surprises us about their difference.

What we believe, we see.
When we believe age, color, gender, education, lifestyle, history, makes us different, that is what we see.
When we believe we are essentially the same, all seeking to love and be loved, we see the Love.
Whatever we believe, the same or different, we seek evidence to prove to ourselves it is true.

Now let us look at what makes the differences we see.
When we see different size, shape and color of bodies, we have learned  ideas and reasons for these.
When we imagine what a person thinks, says and does, we usually have our own made up theory.
What we have made up, imagined and projected onto another, we attempt  to prove is so.

When we are proving what we believe, we seek others’ agreement.
When we have a need to be right, we may become strong in expressing our beliefs.
When we fear being wrong, we may deny or ignore any experience to the contrary.
We must humble our righteousness and be willing to be wrong.

I do not know except what you tell me.
I do not know except what you show me.
I do not know except what I hold in my mind.
I do not know until I have no fear of knowing.

I believe what I want to see.
When I feel safe inside me, I see all is good to see and know.
When I trust in me, I can trust in you to let show what you want me to know.
When I am a safe place for you, you want me to see and know all of you.

So are we the same?
We all desire to feel safe and secure.
We all desire to know and be known.
We all want to belong and not fear.
We all seek to achieve and be valued.

Our differences show when we do not feel safe.
Our differences are revealed, when we do not know and hide from being known.
Our differences occur in seeking separation, because we are afraid.
Our differences are visible, when we are not valued and loved.

So much to forgive in order to remember “we are all really the same in Truth.”
Loving you in trusting You and in Loving me,

Betty Lue