Sunday, January 19, 2014

Are You Prejudiced?

I am willing to love and accept everyone, including myself.
I open my mind to see things differently and reveal the gift in all.
I forgive human prejudice and remember Love dissolves fear.
I choose peace and allow understanding to come.
Do you judge people based on color?
Do you judge people based on age?
Do you judge people based on intelligence?
Do you discriminate against people who are different than you?

Do you prejudge based on what you see?
Do you pre judge based on what you hear?
Do you make up what someone is by how they look or act?
Do you pre judge based on what you fear?

My experience is that where I do not know, I make have learned to be cautious.
When I have learned to be fearful, I may avoid or stay at a distance.
When I stay separate, the fear may grow because I do not know what to trust.
When others agree with me, I may simply believe what I think I know.

My healing experience from birth is to learn and know you more.
My healing experience is to listen and get to know what I may fear.
My healing experience is to forgive all pre-judgment and open to learn.
My healing experience is when I know you….I always come to love you.

My safety lies in my defenselessness.
When I have no defenses, no separation, no prejudice, I can feel the love in me.
When I am open and willing to know you, I will always feel the call for love.
When I become the safe place where you feel safe to share yourself with me, I can know you.

Let’s give up the games of good, better and best.
Let’s stop judging, comparing, evaluating.
Let’s remember to have no fear and step aside.
Let’s remember to be very clear, there is no resistance here.

We each are unique as we are created to be.
Each one plays their perfect part in humanity.
Some are simple, some complex, some emotional and some thoughtful, some are wise and some naive.
All OK being what they need to learn the lessons and give their blessings.

Let’s stop judging and start respecting.
Let’s be the conscious one who is aware enough to let it go.
Let us give our best to let love flow.
Let share what we have for the good of all.

It is time to trust in Love.
It is time to extend only Peace.
It is time to be the One.
It is time to give our All.

I love  you without knowing or understanding.
Betty Lue

I Do Not Know

I do not know that which I AM.

I do not know who you are or the part you play.

I do not know the purpose of our encounter.

I do know I AM here to allow and accept you as you are.

I do not know what I can offer you.

I do not know where our relationship will lead us.

I do not know how I am to share my Love with you.

I do know I am to share my Love and receive yours as well.

I do not know the part I am to play in your life.

I do not now know how we are to teach and learn with one another.

I do not know how our sharing will awaken and benefit each one of us.

I do know I Am here to remember the Love in me and share it freely.

I do not know and I am willing to remember.

I do not know and  I am open to learn.

I do not know and I am here to be share All I have.

I do know to live fully, I must dare to always Love You.

I believe this is true for all of us in every relationship!