Monday, January 20, 2014

Appreciation Works!

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I have and appreciate what I value.
I enjoy my creative power and my creations.
Appreciation works every time.
Life works when I honor all that is Good.
When you want a relationship to work better, appreciate.

When you want your finances to work better, be grateful.
When you want your body to be healthier, be thankful.
When you want your life to be happier, value what you have.

The miracle of gratitude is that we create more good.
The blessing of appreciation is that it increases what we have.
The gift of being thankful it that is inspires and encourages you.
The effectiveness of appreciation is to increase the willingness to do, be and have more of what you value.

I think we have really misunderstood the destructive energy of criticism and complaining.
The critical parent inhibits the child.
The complaining child discourages themselves and their parents.
The demanding parent or employer constricts the performance of the child or employee.

The constructive energy of appreciation will immediately turn around a relationship.
When we genuinely appreciate others, they seek to do and give more.
When we praise our kids, they want to find more ways to please.
When we reward those we encounter with smiles, thanks and love, they feel capable and more willing.

To be successful we must appreciate our own success, even the small wins.
To be successful we must “under-promise” and “over deliver” to feel good about our accomplishments.
To be successful, we must count our blessings, our gifts and talents.
To be successful, we must fully value who we are and not focus totally on what we do.

It seems that we appreciate the creations, accomplishments, wealth and gains in life.
When we focus our gratitude on our creations, we make the creations need to become more.
It is healthy and essential to give praise, gratitude and value to the creators in our live.
When we focus our appreciation on the creator, we expand the joy, power and creations of the Creator.

Thank you employer. Thank you child. Thank you partner. Thank myself.
Thank each one of us for being responsible and creating the life we have.
Thank myself for being creative, expansive, expressive, helpful, amazing, visionary.
Thank you, each one of you, who are creating your own life in the ways you are to heal and learn.

When we empower ourselves as creators, are we not strengthening our creative power?
When we value ourselves as the willing ones, are we not encouraging our willingness?
When we full appreciate our selves for being response-able, are we not supporting us in being able?
When we love each one as we create more of what we want, we are creating more of what we want.

Life encourages us to expand our conscious awareness.
Life gives us infinite opportunities to create more Good.
Life is our teacher and our teaching to create what is valued.
Life demonstrates immediately what creations work.

Let us enjoy the power of creation.
Let us take impeccable care of the creator with full appreciation.
Let us trust always in our creative potential.
Let us rejoice that we have the power to do and undo, resolve and dissolve.

You are powerful.
You are capable.
You are amazing.
You are Good.

Creating as I go,
Creating what I know,
Love, only Love,

Betty Lue