Tuesday, December 24, 2013

You Are A Gift

I recognize the gift of Love I am.
I enjoy the gift I AM by sharing my Love freely.
I forgive withholding anyone for any reason.
I never stop Loving, so I always feel loved. 

No matter what your belief or religion,
No matter who you love or don’t love.
No matter where you live or what you give.
You are a Gift to me.

Each one of us is a gift to our world.
Each one is special, a reminder, a treasure.
Each child has a special calling and purpose.
Each person has a unique part to play.

The secret of our Gift lies inside us, to be revealed by Love.
The joy of our creativity lives within us, to be encouraged by Love.
The healing Spirit within waits for us to call it forth by Love.
The Loving Kindness of our natural Self is shown when we dare to care.

You and all those you encounter need your safety and consideration.
Everyone in your family and community needs to be encouraged.
Our purpose here is to express our natural gifts so we can reveal the Love within.
And where we begin is with ourselves and those with whom we feel safe.

Today give the gift of safety to yourself and others.
Criticize no one.
Appreciate everyone.
Listen with gentle encouragement.

Take time to care.
Reveal the Love You feel.
Express your imagination.
Recognize the Love in you.

It takes so little to share so much.
It gives us hope when we give our Love.
Every smile warms lonely hearts.
Every hug shows someone cares.

Always look toward the positive and you will see how this is God’s Grace.
Always be grateful for what you have and you will enjoy the abundance.
Always be clear that Love is your gift to one and all and you will be happy.
Always know you are loved and appreciated, because you are.

Give what you want to receive.
Give to fill every need.
Give to honor the one you are.
Give to enjoy the rewards of giving.

Loving you by sharing these Loving Reminders written daily for you for the last 15 years.
I care deeply about all my brothers and sisters and YOU!
Betty Lue

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Loving you for making a better world for all.  
Betty Lue