Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Solstice Reminders

I choose wisely, when I am in a peaceful state.
Making loving decisions I easy for me.
I take time to stop, look and listen before I set my intention.
I know what I want and I go for it.
I am grateful to be free and trusting myself.

It is time to complete and celebrate.
It is time to conserve and contemplate.
It is time to relax and remember.
It is time to take some time to renew You.

Renewal happens when we finish what we started.
Renewal comes when we have realized our Goodness.
Renewal is the gift of giving ourselves our best.
Renewal is our own rebirth of vision and fulfillment.

When we come to winter, we each choose how we respond.
For some winter is the time to hibernate.
For others winter is the time to plan for spring.
For those who stay busy all year, they put on warm clothes and carry on.

You are the chooser.
You can use this day and any day to make it what you want to be.
You can create the experience you want to have.
Be setting your intention or desired outcome or goal, you create what you want.

Take time today and everyday to set your intention.
Be conscious of the choices you make, emotionally or mentally.
Give yourself the goal you want to achieve and the experience you prefer.
Keep in mind what you have set for yourself.

Continue on your chosen path until you have what you want.
You may be distracted, detoured, delayed and disappointed.
However, it is your choice to continue to fruition and success.
If you allow others to determine you destination, that too is your choice.

Remember your decisions are for you.
You can try to control, manipulate and demand others to go your way.
However others have their own lessons to learn and places to serve and achievements to make.
It is responsible and respectful to allow  ( trust and free) each person to make their own choices.

The most conscious person considers what is for the highest good of all.
The more self-centered person looks out for their own interests alone.
Those who are martyring for others may only do what is best for others, neglecting themselves.
We each have a journey, a path of learning and awakening, which is ours to choose.

Consider how best to use your days today and throughout the coming year.
Set you intention.  Forgive and learn from your mistakes. Choose again for what is Good for all.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue

Getting Free
(By Setting Others Free)

It is not unusual for us human beings to secretly wish and hope that the people we’re close to don’t become too magnificent. We don’t really want these significant others to be too free or too powerful or too creative or too successful or to dream too wild a dream. We actually prefer that they stay small, “manageable”, non-threatening, tame. After all, we don’t want to be made to feel uncomfortable or inadequate or diminished or challenged by the boldness and joyfulness with which someone else lives his or her life.
But, until we are willing and actively desire that the key people in our lives be totally free and powerful, we cannot be free and powerful ourselves. So, here is an affirmation-prayer that may help us begin freeing others, so that we can begin to free ourselves.

I, _____(your name)_____ want you, _____(his or her name)_____, to be the highest, clearest, most powerful expression of God that you can be. I would not limit you in any way, knowing that only as I encourage you to expand, explore and grow, can I myself be free. So I fully support you in being and expressing all that you are.
I want you to go where you feel called to go, to speak and act as you feel guided, and to express yourself in whatever ways seem right. There is nothing I do not want you to do, for I know that all movement is contained within God and always leads us to Him.
I am at peace with whatever decisions and choices you make, no matter how they may seem to affect me. Since I know that God loves and supports me perfectly, I know that however you choose to be with me must be a manifestation of that divine love and support. Because I trust God, I trust you. And because I trust you, I trust myself.
So, be free, be powerful, be unlimited. And know that I, _________, want you, _________, to be the highest, clearest, most powerful expression of God that you can be. I fully support you in being all that you are.