Monday, December 02, 2013

What Can I Do? (What can you do?)

In Love, there is nothing we cannot do together.
I choose the values and quality of my life,.
I live a life of meaning and of purpose.
I live and love a life of contribution and service.
I am content and celebrate my choices. 

What can I do to live in integrity?
What values can I choose that will be good for everyone?
How can I teach what I know will create health and happiness?
How can I encourage others to find inner fulfillment and success?

I can stop using profanity.
I can step away from negativity.
I can separate myself from bad influences.
I can watch, read and listen to positive people, shows, writings and share them.
I can choose wisely how I use my time for only good, healing and holy purposes.
I can choose the foods I eat, how I prepare and share gratitude for what I ingest.
I can breathe fully and freely fresh, clean air and give gratitude for not polluting.
I can live my life consciously and consistently by my highest values and ethics.
I can utilize my money only for what is essential to living my mission and truth.
I can give all I have to those who come to me genuinely striving to live a good life.
I can stop martyring and sacrificing for those who don’t respect what is given.
I can step up into a life of empowerment and self realization of Who I Am.
I can choose the thoughts I think and use my mind to create only good for all.
I can choose the emotions I share and eliminate those which are not wholesome.
I can choose the words I speak and use my words to inspire and encourage.
I can choose the activities of my life and respect what I do with appreciation.
I can give all I have where it is always and only used for good purposes.
I can be wise and grateful in utilizing the resources of this earth for the good of humanity.
I can set myself free to say “no” to what does harm for me and humanity and our world.
I can be all I am meant to be day by day, keeping my agreements with myself and others.
I can respect all I am given by utilizing my gifts, monies, property for the Good of all.
I can stop participating in any way with gossip, prejudice or negative conversation.
I can eliminate any negative images, thoughts or memories which continue to cause harm.
I can fill my mind, words written and spoken and activities with inspiration and dedication to Love.
I can Love, respect and appreciate myself fully and freely for giving All I Am for the Good of all.

It is about time for each one and everyone to make our own list of what is right and true for us.
What can you do to create a better world for you?
How can you use your time, money and energy to create what you really want?
Are you ready to know everyone everywhere is copying your thoughts, words and deeds?

Can you honestly say, “My life is exactly the way I want my world to live and give.” ?
Are you willing to be the example for all to see?
Are you ready to give up, undo and eliminate thoughts, words and behavior that is not becoming to you?
Is it time to grow up and show up as the mature and responsible adult at home and work, everyday?

We each are here in our own unique way to play the part that saves the day.
You are here to be the one to listen within and learn to give what you would have.
I am here to be a loving reminders day after day in everything I think and do and say>
We are here together to remind, support, encourage and love one another into being the Love we Are.

What are you willing to do to live your life in integrity?
What can you do to make a difference while you are here?
What are you willing to do and undo that will be meaningful?
I am willing, are you?

Celebrating You and I together!

Betty Lue