Saturday, December 07, 2013

Unconditional Love Requirements

I love myself just the way I AM.
Love and Joy are my natural state.
I naturally give love to all I encounter.
It is fun, safe and easy to love.

Unconditional Love requires letting go.
Unconditional Love requires freedom and trust.
Unconditional Love requires non attachment.
Unconditional Love requires real forgiveness.

When we hang on, we are not letting go because of fear.
When we restrict and doubt another, we are not trusting.
When we are attached, needy or dependent on another, we fear losing them.
When we are judging, criticizing and resenting, we are unwilling to forgive and bless their choices.

What is your purpose for Loving?
What are your ideals in loving?
What are your beliefs about Love?
What are your needs in sharing Love?

Are you wanting to make them happy or fix their pain?
Are you needing them to make you happy or fix your pain?
Are you trying to fill an emptiness with the love of another?
Are you fulfilling a romantic fantasy or myth about love?

Do you see love as taking away the fear of being alone?
Do you use love to establish a sense of self worth?
Do you believe love will make you safe and happy?
Are you using your relationships to fill your needs?

Unconditional Love is given naturally without seeking anything in return.
Unconditional Love is simply our natural state.
Unconditional Love is freely given to all, including ourselves.
Unconditional Love  has no judgments, limits, restrictions or boundaries.

When we choose a loving relationship, all past hurts, false beliefs, and pain may be revealed.
Our loving relationships show us where we have not totally forgiven ourselves and others.
Loving Relationships demonstrate what and where we need to heal ourselves.
Our relationships open us to see where we need to love ourselves unconditionally.

The value of Loving Relationships is they reveal what we have covered or projected.
We attack, criticize, judge, fear and doubt others to show where we withhold our love.
We project onto our “loving” relationships where we do not unconditionally love ourselves.
Relationships provide the holy healing work we are here to do to clear our fear and be true to Love.

When we love ourselves unconditionally, we need nothing and give all.
When we love ourselves without fear, we give total freedom and trust to others.
When we love ourselves without limitation, we free ourselves to love everyone.
When we love ourselves and others unconditionally, we are happy and at peace.

Loving you without limitation or conditions.
Betty Lue

Keys to Unconditional Love

Always give your best.
Demonstrate your love (with words, affection, undivided time, gifts, service)
Listen and learn what is most helpful and valued.
Observe what is received with gratitude.
Step away, when you are not your best and renew yourself.
Give only with gratitude and joy (no sacrifice or self denial)
Trust others are giving their best.
Always inspired the best in others.
Believe and see the Love within.
Trust each one is learning how best to love.
Free yourself and others to love unconditionally.
Forgive all mistakes or withholds.
Learn to love them anyway.


Love is not gender specific.   
You love your dogs. 
You love your friends.  
You love yourself. 
You love your home.
You are learning to love your body and your life. 

Ego seeks to get love.
Spirit seeks only to give love.
When we wholly love ourselves, there is nothing needed to get.
When we truly love our whole selves, we seek only to give.

When we feel needy or incomplete, it is because we have not forgiven the parts of ourselves we judge or fear.
When we feel wounded or needy, we seek someone who will love us the way we are, as a substitute for self love.
When we are responsible for our own healing, we seek to remember the Love within us and extend it.
When we recognize God is our Source, we go to God for all things, including the Love we seek.

Your holy work is to love, simply love.
Your holy work is to enjoy and be happy.
Your holy work is to appreciate and express gratitude.
Your holy work is to be at peace and extend peace to others.

Love is not special. 
Love is spiritual.
We have feelings of attraction, when we want to communicate, teach and learn love with another. 
We have attachment desires, when we want to get the love we lack from another.

You are searching for the Love of Your Life, your soul mate.
When you find yourself, you will laugh, because You are the Love of Your Life.
Gee, You Are You = GURU.
There is only One and you are the One You seek.
Trust me.  I know.

Loving you,  
Betty Lue 
(written many years ago.)