Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Loving Reminders Are Gifts for You!

Affirmations: (I add affirmations for you to use to clear  fear, resistance and false beliefs.)
I love myself  and listen within for direction and purpose.
I allow myself to be still and let the Voice within guide me.
I am open and willing to trust Love and gratitude to guide my life.
I know I am Good, so I think, speak and act from the Goodness within.

I love you.
It is my intention to let everyone who is open remember you are here to love you and all.
It is my prayer that we all awaken to be the Loving Presents we are meant to be.
It is my life work to awaken humanity and remind us all to enjoy giving the gifts of Love we are.

Simply listen within.
I sit at my computer each morning since January 1, 1999 and write what I hear within.
This is my inspirational practice that reminds me everyday of the safe, fun and easy way to live.
I spend about 15-20 minutes and make no corrections ( as you can see), sharing what is called forth.

First thing each day.
Even when on vacation or busy, I find a time to write for you and me. 
Loving Reminders are my sanity and the truth I choose to live.
They are my guiding star, my quiet place to begin my day.

They come from within me
Since I began siting and “doing nothing” in 1977 before my kids were awake, I could hear Goodness.
When vision came of a Home of Infinite Love, open to all, I brought my pad and pen to write it down.
Words came which I have written and followed, learned and shared, and lived as my Guidance.

Choose the name you wish.
I have called my inner voice, God, Higher Power, the Voice Within, Love ItSelf, Holy Spirit.
When I have conversations and ask questions, I always receive a response immediately in holy language.
My intuition and inner guidance knows we are all interconnected, so the name matters not.

What is written seems wise and good.
I trust the words will fit for some and be nonsense for others.
I share because I know that often what I say will speak directly to you.
I know that everything comes from the Highest intention of Love for all beings at all times.

How Much?
Receive them only when they work for you.
Let them go when they are too much, too long, not clear or feel wrong.
Delete them when they no longer work or cause resistance in you.
Trust that you will know what you need to know when you need it.

The Gift!
Love is the Gift.
I am loving you with everything I say and do.
Love is my purpose, my function and my life.
I live in love for the purpose of loving, one and all.

This is my truth.

Betty Lue