Sunday, December 01, 2013

Learn to Say “NO”!

Affirmations: ( Self discipline teaches you to do what is good for you, even when you don’t want to.)
I now listen to my intuition, my conscience and my inner guides for direction.
I now live only what is good for me and for all humanity.
I now teach by example and appreciate the Good in my life.
I now clear away any need to conform and belong to those who do wrong.
I choose with courage and conviction the high way to think, speak and live.

This life changing practice can change minds, lives and our world!

Self-Discipline seems to have gone out of fashion.
Learning to stop ourselves seems to be somehow not OK.
When we just let go and allow ourselves to do whatever we please, we lose our way.
When we allow ourselves to do and say whatever comes up does not work!

When we do not discipline ourselves, we cannot effectively discipline others.
When we do not stop ourselves from acting out, how could we stop others?
When we do not live what we say, no one will trust us or believe us.
When we are hypocritical in our teaching and preaching, others will follow our example.

Could it be what seems good for you may not be good for you?
Have you considered allowing yourself to do what is bad for you has vast repercussions?
Could it be excessive eating, gambling, drinking, obsessing, buying, hording, etc. are bad?
Have you considered you are influencing your children and friends and humanity?

What if lack of self discipline is what makes humanity sick.
What if lack of self discipline causes violence and war.
What if the freedom to behave in disrespectful and abusive ways is destroying families.
What if humanity has forgotten to say “NO” to what is unhealthy, corrupt and shameful.

When we give ourselves an inch, we learn it’s ok to take a mile.
When we give ourselves the freedom to choose what is unhealthy, our children will copy us.
When we seem to forget what we know it “right”, we are giving an OK to others doing the same.
When we lie, cheat and steal without noticing it is “wrong”, we are showing our world to do it too.

Even a little lie, teaches others to lie.
Even sneaking a little without getting permission teaches others to do the same.
Even occasionally swearing or disrespecting another, is enough to set up the pattern.
Even taking advantage of a person, business ,government is dangerous for us.

For every act or word or thought we know is “wrong”, there is a price to pay.
Every time we think or say something cruel, hurtful, ugly or abusive, we have forgotten our values.
Each time we falsely accuse others without minding our own morals and ethics, we are hypocrites.
Every time we rebuke and punish others without disciplining ourselves, we cannot be believed.

Saying “no” requires courage.
Saying “no” requires conviction.
Saying “no” requires a conscience.
Saying “no” requires commitment.

Only say “Yes” to what is Good for everyone, including yourself.
Only say “Yes”to what is healthy and positive, honest and true for the best in You.
Only say “Yes” to be all you can be to save humanity and all our children.
I am saying  “Yes” to what I know is best for us all to live in Love and Happiness.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue

More tomorrow!