Monday, November 18, 2013

What Do You Believe In?

I believe in Love! (God, Goodness, Spirit, Peace, Joy, Truth, Life)
I know all Good lies within me.
I trust in the Love and Goodness within us all.
I forgive, erase, delete and undo what blocks the light and love within me.
I easily and quickly let go of every thought that negates right perception.

What Do You Believe In?
Who Do You Trust?

What You Believe, you will Trust.
What you Trust, you will feel safe.
When you feel Safe, you will know Love.
When you believe in nothing and no one, you will not feel safe and loved and trusting.

When you trust in nothing and no one, you will live in fear.
When you live in fear, you will be defensive and use anger or hiding to keep yourself safe.
When you use anger or hiding to keep yourself safe, you will push people away and scare them.
When you push people away and scare them, you will feel alone and afraid.

Seek for something or someone to trust and believe,
Seek for Love….unconditional, endless Love.
Seek to Know and Love your authentic Self.
Seek to trust in Goodness within you and everyone.

When no one feels safe and unloved, it is difficult to be safe place for anyone.
When we judge, hate and condemn ourselves, we cannot love ourselves or others.
When we don’t know how to forgive our errors, we lose our self respect and trust.
When there is no one to remind us of the Good within, we may think, say and do destructive things.

Forgiveness is the key to erasing all the defenses and pretenses that cover the Goodness within.
Erasing the past is the way to begin to open the door to find something to believe in.
Seeing beneath the surface and listening to your heart is the place to discover the Love in you.
Being willing to seek and find, listen and answer the call for Love is essential to trust.

There is a place within you that is safe.
There is a Love within you that lasts forever.
There is a resource that will guide you to safety and peace.
There is a Voice within that leads you to a fun, safe and easy life.

Find something or someone you can believe in.
Forgive you and all those who have forgotten to Love.
Practice recognizing and clearing all obstacles, memories and beliefs that block your awareness of Love.
Realize that you are here to Love you unconditionally and believe in the Love and Goodness within you!

Loving you with what is REAL, Lasting and True.
Betty Lue