Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Right Place For You

Affirmations: (Use affirmations daily to set your mind on course!)
I am always in the right place doing the right thing for the right reason.
I learn from everyone and everything I experience.
I easily change my choices for what is best for all.
I quickly let go of doing what no longer works for me.

If you want challenge, stay in challenging places and difficult relationships.
If you want prosperity, do what prosperous people do.
If you want to learn, open your mind to learning from everyone.
If you want to be free, let go of everything that limits you.

If you want a life that works, stop doing what doesn’t work.
If you want a life of happiness, make only choices that fill you with happiness.
If you want a loving relationship, choose to relate always with love.
If you want to achieve and accomplish, work daily to achieve and accomplish everything you want.

Do you know life is not given or taken away?
Do you understand you cannot sit back and wait?
Do you realize this is your life to do what you want?
Are you willing to take full responsibility for all the choices you make?

It seems many give their life away.
It seems many lose their life by letting it go.
It seems people make the mistake of believing they are victims of luck or karma or blaming others.
It seems some act like dependent children without recognizing they are free to choose again and again.

If you don’t like what you have, step away and choose again.
If you don’t like how you are acting, stop and behave another way.
If you don’t like where you are living, move and go where you want to live.
If you cannot trust and respect those around you, seek others for whom you have respect and trust.

We are always at choice.
We can always change our experience.
We can always change our mind, attitude, thoughts and behavior.
We can always let go and let Love and Goodness lead our way.

When you really are willing to see what you have chosen, you may have regrets or judgments.
First action is to forgive, erase and release the choices that are not working for you.
Second action is to choose again for what you believe will work better for you.
Third action is to affirm, accept and be fully responsible for every choice you make.

When we are able to respond with acceptance, kindness and love to ourselves, we can easily change.
When we are judging, condemning and unkind to ourselves, we find it difficult to choose again.
Our responsibility is to find our right place and right timing, right action and right living.
Our life is an open field of possibility to choose and choose again.

When we linger in self pity or condemnation, we limit ourselves.
When we wallow in feigned complacency and laziness, we suffer.
When we neglect to take right action, we make our selves weak and sick.
When we forget to forgive and choose again, we sit in sorrow, grief and despair.

This moment is your right time to make the right choices for you to have the right life you seek.
Choose wisely for exactly what you want.
No need to settle or compromise unless you prefer something over nothing.
Life requires you make the difficult choices to have exactly what you really want.

Bless your self and your life for being the best learning/teaching opportunity you could have.

Loving your learning and mine, 
Betty Lue