Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanks for the Memories!

I appreciate all I have learned.
I value those who have taught me.
I enjoy the fruits of my good works.
I give thanks for the gift of my life.

When we appreciate our lives, we learn and grow quickly and easily.
When we regret our life, we learn slowly often with pain.
When we remember the Good, we increase the Good we have.
When we remember the bad, we increase having more calamities.

Where we place our attention, there we grow what we remember.
When we tell complaining stories, we encourage more stories to complain about. 
Life appears to happen to us, when really life happens through our thoughts, words and behavior.
When we choose to remember what blesses us, we experience more blessings.

I remember the joy and the fun.
Do you rmember the unhappy and serious stuff?
I remember all the Love I give and receive.
Do you remember all the problems and pain?

What I choose to remember, I repeat again and again.
When I retell what hurts, it just happens again.
When I forgive the hurt, I remember what I learned.
Then all past hurts, become blessings and lessons.

We can refuse to revisit the suffering and pain.
We can stop telling old stories of heartache and suffering.
We can eliminate from our archives the memories of bad stuff.
We can undo what no longer is true and never visit it again.

Forgiveness heals and erase the past.
To love oneself is to no longer harm ourselves by reviewing the old hurts.
Selective memory clears the mental/emotional material that only serves to regenerate negative emotion.
Selective remembering simply chooses to erase what has no value.

Consider the memories you want to retain.
Ask if they have value to you to review again and again.
Choose to tell stories that inspire and educate.
Ask if retelling a mistake encourages future errors and stepping into success.

We all are choosing what we want to think and feel and make real.
We each are changing our minds simply by consciously choosing what is true for us.
Dredging up the leftover past often makes it last and last.
If you want to be done, give it one last run and let go for good.

More affirmations to clear old memories:
I love you and release you to your highest good.
I appreciate learning what is good for me and let the rest go easily.
I undo what was never true for me and then I see the gift and blessings.
Thank Goodness, everything is in my own best interests to se what is right and true for me.

Love is letting go of fear.

Betty Lue