Friday, November 15, 2013

Stop Projecting. Start Accepting.

I easily let go and allow things be as they are.
I let go and allow natural healing and growth happen.
I forgive all stuckness, righteousness and accept what is.
I release all need to be right.

When we project our pain onto others, we increase our own pain.
When we imagine others to be ignorant, we add to our ignorance.
When we avoid those who are confused, we confuse ourselves.
When we resist what we judge and fear, we deny what we are here to heal.

We do not know what is real, because our emotions cloud our perception.
We cannot see what we have misperceived, because we hold mistaken thoughts.
We deny what we have created for ourselves, because we fear the guilt we feel.
We hold ourselves blameless and project our guilt onto others without realizing.

When we recognize what we have taught, we must forgive ourselves.
When we see what we have chosen, we must forgive ourselves.
When we understand what we have created, we must forgive ourselves.
The world we see is not true reality: It is our projection and misperception.

Let go and you will feel what is real.
Let go and you will see reality.
Let go and find that you are kind. 
Let go and you will live in Love.

It seems people think if they complain, something good will happen.
We simply lose energy and feel like a loser.
It seems people think if they blame someone, they will stop feeling upset.
The upset only gets worse and we feel guilty for blaming instead of helping.

We all need to learn to keep ourselves clear of negativity, laziness, disrespect and irresponsibility.
We each are responsible for taking impeccable care of our bodies, relationships, finances and commitments.
We all need to stop minding others’ business and be caretakers of our own lives.
When we are free of all mistakes and live a perfect life, perhaps then we can truly help another.

Whenever you judge, ask yourself how you judge yourself.
Whomever you judge, ask if you are perfect in that way.
Use your projections to access your own thoughts and feelings about yourself.
Be picky about your thoughts, words and behavior and you will find no time to judge others.

Loving yourself as you are is the key to accepting others.
Accepting your own need to learn is essential to accept others need to learn.
Respect and trusting yourself teaches you to respect and trust others.
When you allow your self to be, you will set all free to be themselves.

If you don’t acknowledge your self judgments, complaints, upsets and demands, you project them onto what you believe is true for others.
All criticism really is all about the critic.
All criticisms tell what the critic sees and criticizes in themselves.
To forgive all criticism and judgment is to see what is and easily change it into what you want to be and do.

Take time to learn what is yours to forgive.
Take time to see what is yours to clear up.
Take time to release past mistakes and faulty beliefs.
Take time to see things differently.
Loving you in choosing.
Betty Lue

Simple exercise:
Write down all your criticisms, beliefs and judgments about the other.
He is insincere.
He is lazy.
He is unaware.
He is easily manipulated.
Then cross off the pronoun and replace it with “I am”
You will notice what you judge in yourself, what you have judged in your past and what you try not to be.
Our projections are all our stuff.
We can then forgive our judgments.
Accept what appears to be and set it free to change.
Where we judge we get stuck.
Where we judge we want to be right.
When we judge we have difficulty in changing.

When we judge ourselves or others, our condemnation damn and dams the flow of natural change, healing and growth.